Thursday, 26 January 2012

Poked full of holes

Yesterday, after another exhausting three hour stint of nurse-y type work at the local hospital, I trundled off to the physiotherapist for my weekly appointment.

Given that everything was wound up tight, the lovely (and at times pleasantly brutal) Sarah dug her amazingly strong fingers in and around the muscles and tendons of my shoulder and upper back. She prodded and pulled, twisted and turned... me, that is. She pretty much stood her ground.

Now that I am back at the job, the tendonitis that I've had in my elbow/forearm for years (it comes and goes) has decided to rear its ugly head once again. So she worked on that as well, and showed me stretches and strengthening exercises.

I have a sheaf of papers with exercises on them sitting on my table at home, as reminders of how much work I have to do to get this shoulder (and arm) back in the swing of things. Lila likes to sit on them.

And because it works well for me, we ended the session on a pointy note.

My right elbow

There was one more farther down the back of my shoulder but considering I took this with my Blackberry, behind my head, unable to see what I was doing, I think it's good enough!


  1. My sister gets poked with the acupuncture needles and has good results. I certainly hope you are as well.

  2. Pin cushion!
    I'm pleased to hear that all this is helping.

    Hahah word veriv is eprixi

  3. Yikes! Hope it's working for you.

  4. There's nothing like a good physio.
    I do hope it works for you.
    That reminds me I must get back to my neck exercises.

  5. It does help, right? cool pictures and here's hoping your next month of work/therapy is smooth.

    How's work?

  6. I've never in all my years and all my travels had an opportunity to utilize acupuncture or acupressure therapy. I had a lot of pain from a broken rib and broken jaw after being tossed around by a startled bull, after witch I considered the use of both methods, but didn't do it. I'm greatly intrigued. I'm following your progress with a great deal of interest.

    Please keep us all informed.

    And best of luck in the salt mines.

  7. I truly sympathize with you. I've been off for a year now with four surgeries on my legs. It's hard finding a new job at 60. Nothing is worse than emotional trauma though. Very high stress, up there with death. Throw in with us with a haiku. Doesn't help a lot but it doesn't suck either, there are tons of great people in that group.

  8. You are very flexible :)


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