Thursday, 5 January 2012

Back to the Salt Mine

Sort of.

I had a meeting with all interested (or not) parties today to set up my "graduated return to work". That may sound a bit pretentious, as if I've finished some kind of fancy yearlong training program, but it's just being cautious.

After all, the last thing I want to do is re-injure that shoulder. Or any other body part, for that matter.

So I have the next four all weeks laid out.

Next week, I will three hours on Tuesday and three hours on Thursday. You might not think that that is a very strenuous schedule, but given that I will have been off work for 16 days shy of a full year and that I could not lift my arm above (or even close to) shoulder height for 10 of those 11 1/2 months, it's fair to say starting slowly is a good way to begin.

The two weeks following that first week will still see me only putting in three hours at a time, but I will have moved up to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The fourth week I will do three hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

That takes us to Feb. 3rd. All interested parties will meet again on Feb. 2nd to reassess my situation and see where to head next. If all has gone well with my reintroduction to earning a living, I will see the hours bumped up. I'm not sure if they start me on fewer days again or what. Guess I will have to get that far to find out.

Physio has been progressing well. I have about 85 - 90% of normal range of motion in my shoulder. I've been working on strengthening the withered muscles, but that takes time and because it gets pretty achy after a workout with weights (all of 2 lbs!!), I have been doing the weights every other day and stretches on the rest day. That seems to be working well. It will soon be time to bump up the weight slightly to three lbs. It's amazing how much muscle mass is lost when you can't move something normally! I am sure I will eventually get back to having a(n almost) fully functional shoulder, given time, no setbacks and continuing with physio.

It's going to weird to have to get up before the crack of dawn again.... Not sure I am looking forward to that part, but it will be nice to have some semblance of a 'normal' life once more.


  1. Please take care to not over-do. OK?

  2. Easy does it.
    And it must be my day for the CPR chuckles.Love the coke,pepsi,red bull!
    Try this

  3. Yep, easy does it and ease back into it. After 2 weeks of vacation, I feel like I should do the same on Monday. ;)

  4. I'm glad you're taking it slowly and easing into things. Your shoulder and your feet will appreciate the slow ascent.

    Have you missed your co-workers? I think that would be the best part about returning to work.

  5. LX: You bet!

    Dinah: I laughed at that video! Never thought of a song for the rhythm of compressions... but it works!

    Hope: Always best to take it slowly, no matter how long you've been off!

    Boxer: Yes, my feet won't be too happy either, I'm sure. :-\

    Yes, I have missed some of my coworkers. But was in yesterday for a quick visit after the meeting and got lots of welcomes and some hugs too, which was lovely!

  6. It all sounds well thought out and if you are carefully monitored all should be well and you'll be firing on all cylinders before the year is out. You have bags of common sense which is a great asset.

  7. Graduated returns to work are the best. Thank goodness it's no longer all or nothing. So happy that you are on the mend.


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