Sunday, 25 October 2009

Will there be another chance?


  1. Hi Ponita,

    How was the Tattoo? Hope you had a good time. This song has a nice up tempo beat.


  2. This is one of my favourite dance tracks. It's up-beat and melancholy at the same time. The video always makes me shake my head.

  3. So... did you get laid this weekend hen?

  4. Don't you just love Jimmy's subtlety?


  5. Hey U! The tattoo was good... the bagpipes drove away my headache and it was a great afternoon with my sister. Thx!

    Roses: Yes, melancholy fits, doesn't it?

    Ah, Jimmy... the subtlety of a sledge hammer... but you certainly cut straight to the chase!

    The answer is no, I did not get laid... never even touched a man all weekend... but Mr. Lives Too Far Away did email me today...

    That video, if you watch it again, is (and this is my interpretation, of course) of a woman with a big heart hoping to meet someone. Her heart shrinks over time as she is ignored, then when she meets someone, it swells hugely again with hope, he gets scared by that and turns away, and she is left searching, yet again, with her heart on her sleeve (or in her arms, as the case may be). So the tune may be upbeat, but the story is quite sad...

    I'm not that bad... my heart is still huge and still searching... xoxo

    Map: Well, he certainly doesn't beat around the bush! I love that about him!

    And I love that you all keep coming to visit me and read my little quips about my little life, supporting me and being my friends... thank you, one and all. You mean the world to me. xoxoxoxo

  6. I only have your happiness at heart doll face, you know that. Let me tell you this... if my hammer wasn't currently suffering fae a broken handle, I'd be across to knock in a few nails myself.

  7. I know you do, Mr. Jimmy Sweetcheeks (can I say that without Siobhan getting irked?). I'd let you come knock in a few nails... you know that too, right?!? ;-)

  8. Easy you two!

    (And I'm sure being beaten around the bush can't be pleasant!)

    xxx :¬)

  9. Just some innocent (ahem) flirting, Map... ;-)

    And I guess it all depends on what is used to beat around the bush, doesn't it??? :-P


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