Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Speeding things up...

These guys are from eastern Canada - very upbeat! Love their sound!


  1. Tongues? Tongues and chips? But surely they would lick all the salt of the chips before you got them home?

  2. Oh my gawd! What are they smoking? Because I'm going to need some serious mind altering substances to be all happy with the end of the world!

    If it is the end of the world, I would NOT feel fine!

    Clearly, they have a different world view in the eastern seaboard of Canada! I blame the harp seal infestation!

    P.S. That whole cod tongues special gives a whole new meaning to fish and chips! I'd give it a try, especially if it's deep fried!

  3. They look (and sound)like they're just off the boat from Ireland!


  4. Hi Ponita,

    Really great harmony to a song with a solid beat!


  5. he's rockin a mandolin, sugar! way cool sound! xoxoxox


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