Saturday, 24 October 2009

No rest for the wicked?

Way too many things to do...

A cake to bake for a friend's 50th birthday.

The Manitoba Military Tattoo tomorrow afternoon with my sister... luv bagpipes!!!

The stairwell ceiling to rip apart and redo, with different angles to allow big bits of beds upstairs. It's a work in progress...

Laundry, washing floors, a cat to bathe... he's going to hate me for a short while! But he so needs his skin cleaned, poor old thing.

People to phone about business, appointments to make, bravery to find. (It's coming...)

A bed to disassemble, another to assemble, providing the boxspring makes it up the stairs tonight. Then to rearrange all the furniture in my room with the new (to me) stuff.

The dog to walk, the dog to brush, the dog's nails to grind down, the dog to bathe, the dog's teeth to brush, the dog's ears to clean... and the dog's bed to wash. The dog is a lot of work at times. Good thing I love her to bits! ;-)

Studying to do... blogs to follow... tweets to twit...

All this in the next 36 hours. And I think I have to find time to sleep in there somewhere.

Oh yeah, and perhaps a phone call or an email from Mr. I Don't Live Close Enough For Spontaneity But Still Find You Attractive And Want To Get To Know You...


  1. I've got to google the Tattoo; hope you guys enjoy it!

    I like the profile pix!!!

  2. Map: Like that's not enough!?!?!?! pfffft

    XL: Check out this youtube video series for the 2008 Edinburgh Military Tattoo - an international competition.

    And thanks on the pic! Just going ethnic... :-)

  3. The World Solo Drumming Championships were on in Jimmy's town today. Don't ask, I just know this stuff!

    So ye'r busy eh?


  4. Map: That would be cool to see! And hear, of course. As a musician, I am sure you pick up on these things through the Ether... ;-)

    Oh yeah... I'm always busy these days. But I am happy to report I now have the boxspring on the landing (got it past the point of previous wedging, which was the main goal). Now all I need is someone to help me lift the thing straight up so I can get it the rest of the way up the stairs. Lots of room to go up (turning is an issue if it's not lifted up above the steps). Where's a man when you need one? :-)

  5. Ponita,

    I'm glad you have the energy love. I'll need to talk to you when my birthday rolls around cause, I love me some cake.

    Have a good time at the Military Tattoo.

    When Mr. I Don't Live...calls, ask him to stop by and roll up his sleeves for some lifting.


  6. Hi U... I'm gonna sleep like a log tonight! Am just finishing up putting the new bed together and then I am going fall into it... Not so sure I really had the energy to do all that but since I am on my own, I'm the only one who can do it!

    Cake is the best, isn't it?! Chocolate, of course... rich, moist, dark chocolate. ;-)

  7. Great description Pony doll, I can sense that U is far from melting right about now.

    When you have finally finished with all of the rather large list of things you have planned, why not take some time out for yourself hen?

    You deserve it.

  8. A little redecorating from time to time ... you are setting up your bureau-space?

  9. Jimmy, my time out for myself will be going to the tattoo this afternoon with my sister. Other than that, it's just go go go!

    Mago, it's very nice to have matching furniture in my bedroom. It's been many years since I had that. I am pleased. :-)

  10. As long as you don't come home with any tattoo's hen. Maybe Map on one cheek, masel on the other?

  11. Which cheek would you prefer, Jimmy? ;-)

  12. And that's all before breakfast right? Sounds way too much for one person, even as wonderful as you. Hope you have time to kick back and relax in there somewhere.

  13. My god you're a busy lady!


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