Monday, 26 October 2009

Received an email from Mr. I Don't Live Close Enough For Spontaneity But Still Find You Attractive And Want To Get To Know You today... so I rang him up, got his voicemail and left a quick 'hi, how are ya?'

(This gorgeous photo of the Aurora Borealis was taken at a lake near to where he lives)

Well, whaddya know? That same Mr. I Don't Live Close Enough For Spontaneity But Still Find You Attractive And Want To Get To Know You gave me a call back and we blathered on for well over an hour, having a lovely chat and learning all kinds of things about each other.

We spoke of distance, of secrets, of the Secret, of dreams and wishes, likes and dislikes, experiences that should never be repeated and those that should, articulation and ambiguity, and many other things... all the while knowing that we will see one another again.

Sometimes, life does things that we're not quite sure of, but sometimes, if you go with the flow, it all works out for the best. Will this? I have no idea... but I am going with the flow.


  1. Did Mr IDLClEFSBSFYAAWTGTKY take that cool photo of the Aurora Borealis?

  2. No, XL, I stole it from another website. But I sure love the Northern Lights... they are totally awesomely spectacularly stupendous!!!

    Jeez, all those letters look like a Russian name or something... ;-)

  3. Hi Ponita,

    Go with the flow and be in the moment.


  4. the Northern lights are one of the things I want to see , glad its looking promising with Mr (Icantbebotheredtypingallthatlotin)

  5. You go with it friend. Happy times!



  6. Is Mr IDLClEFSBSFYAAWTGTKY a bit slow on the oul uptake? Do you have to stand outside his windie and use semaphore to spell out the fact that you are a beautiful single woman who needs some loving?

    Has he been that long in the back woods of Canada that he actually thinks that all beavers nibble wood and build dams?

    If it was masel or Map, we'd have had the job done and been sitting at the bar comparing notes by now.

    You deserve better.

  7. Map: I intend to. Thanks! xoxo

    Jimmy... have patience, man! He lives a ways away (like almost 350 kilometers). Neither of us can pick up and travel at the drop of a hat. He's making the effort to keep in touch ~ that counts for something.

    Would you and Map have done the job at the same time, or consecutively?? ;-P

  8. Oh sweet Jesus, here we go again!



  9. Aye... I started it, and then Map finished it with all the usual eloquence of a musical artiste!


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