Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Lost and on your own

This morning, at stupid dark o'clock, as I was pulling out of my parking space in the back lane, a small shuffling movement caught my attention.

A plump, shiny brown furred body rummaged along the edge of my neighbour's parking space.

A rat, you would think. Well... kind of. This is a Muskrat. A variation of a field mouse, apparently, that has adapted to aquatic life in streams, ponds and lakes. It looks like a beaver's cousin but with a long narrow tail.

What the heck it was doing in the back lane is beyond me! The closest pond is a good 10 minute walk (for me) away. Quite the hike for this little fella.

Hope he finds his way back to where he belongs.


  1. There ya go bringin' beavers into it again!


  2. And as for the comments on the previous post!


  3. Map, the beaver (the 'real' thing, not the private lady bits) is a noble and industrious creature that I am proud to have as my country's national animal.... :-P

    Oh Hai, XL! Yes, it might, indeed!

    Map again... xoxoxoxo!!!

  4. Oh Ponita,

    XL sent me down the road to an oldie:
    And they whirl and they twirl and they tango
    Singin' and jinglin' a jangle
    Float like the heavens above
    Looks like Muskrat Love


  5. Oh, lordy, U! And I thought I had big teeth... she beats me hands down. :-)

  6. You have beautiful teeth hon!

    (Check out my latest post!)


  7. Aw, Map, you are such a dear! Thank you so much, love. xoxoxo

    (And I did...)

  8. Dark back lanes, shuffling movements, beavers, and long narrow things. It doesn't take Freud to work it all out huh?

    For the love of god Pony-doll... just call Mr Slow up and invite him the 350 miles over so that we can all go back to blogging again.

  9. Do Canadians have bumper stickers saying something like "Searching for your Muskrat? Look under my front axle!" Saw such a sticker once and found it very rude.

  10. Jimmy, I have... and he will... when he can... You don't have to stop blogging on my account, you know! ;-)

    Mago, I've not seen a bumper sticker like that here, but I can imagine something rather rude too. :-)

  11. Sometimes wildlife critters are so cool when they show up in your neighborhood. Hopefully, he made it somewhere safe, living the muskrat life.


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