Wednesday, 13 July 2011

We were talking on the phone last night and my New Beau was telling me of his conversation earlier in the day with a friend he hadn't seen in a few weeks.

When asked what was new, if he was seeing anyone, New Beau said he'd met someone (that'd be me, in case you hadn't caught on yet) that he reallyreally likes, and that we've been spending time together that he's reallyreally enjoyed, and he'd reallyreally like his friends to meet me.

I'm getting the distinct impression New Beau is becoming rather fond of me. He's even agreed to forego the Sunday afternoon baseball game with a longtime buddy (they have tickets to every other Sunday home game and have been going together to the games for years) to join me at a family gathering in honour of my uncle's 80th birthday. I think that says a lot! It'll be a whole crowd of my extended family to meet in one fell swoop. But he's game!

And I will freely admit that I am becoming quite fond of him as well. He's treating me very well, is respectful and funny and kind and affectionate. And willing to talk about lots of stuff. Doesn't seem to have any hang-ups that I've noticed... and I spent last weekend at his place.

He's coming over for dinner tonight after he's finished work. I've had a hankering for San Diego-like food with the summer heat we've been having so I surfed the 'Net for this recipe:

I was at a loss for the chipotle hot sauce until me nephew messaged me, saying he had some that my niece (his sister) had brought back from a shopping trip to the USA.

It's going to be a sunny and lovely 25 degrees today and with the sun beating on the balcony until well into the evening, I think we will have the perfect summer setting for fish tacos, fresh guacamole with tortilla chips (and the chips have sea salt and a bit of lime on them) plus some cold drinks.

I'm lovin' summer now!


  1. Can I come?
    I'm feeling quite happy today. Are you feeling quite happy today?

  2. Pat: Can you see my smile from all the way over there?? :-D

    I just made guacamole for the first time ever... it's so good and I can't wait until later when the flavours have blended for a few hours!

  3. Another good man lost to a woman. Sport lasts longer, tastes better, can be viewed with your pals and it never matters how much you drink.

    As long as your happy I guess.

  4. Jimmy: I went to the last baseball game with him... and I used to play too. So there.

    As far as lasting and taste... ;-)

  5. Ah, gwan! I'm happy for yis both.

  6. Jimmy: I know you are... once you've gotten past the blind jealousy.

    Helga! You're alive, woman!! Thxthxthxthx!!! ;-)

  7. *Claps hands like a demented seal enjoying a love story about... other demented seals*
    You know what I mean!
    Food sounds good.

  8. weeeeeeeeeeeee!

    New Beau arrives JUST in time to help with the surgery? No? Too much too soon?

    Seriously, I'm so happy things are progressing. :-) He seems like a good guy. I like that he tells his friends about you and wants to be part of your family gatherings. That's big.

    I don't cook. At.All. So I'm no help with the cooking.

    And... I'll be glad when your shoulder surgery is behind you. What a fabulous Fall you'll have!

  9. What I want to know is how tall is he?

  10. Scarlet: You can be as demented here as you want... and the food was excellent!

    Boxer: He said to me yesterday that he'll come and look after me after my sister leaves (she's with me the day of and the day after surgery) for a few days. Isn't that sweet!?!? He doesn't seem to think it is too much too soon... I guess we'll see!

    XL: Just barely taller than me... but I'm okay with that. What's with the height thing, anyway? ;-)

  11. Ah good, it seems that there is someone worthy of our lovely Ponita's charms.

  12. Snooze: Aw, thanks! It's all good so far!! ;-)

  13. Sounds lovely, and who deserves it more than you?


    p.s. I, too, love Adele. :-) So much talent in such a young package!


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