Friday, 15 July 2011

Smokin' hot!

It looks like we are finally having the hot summer weather that I remember from my childhood. The past decade, most summers have been too cool, too wet and just too damn short.

But we are in for a toasty weekend... and well into next week, if the weather pretenders are correct. And I am sooooo okay with that!

Right now, it is 30C (feels like 38). Tomorrow's high is 34 and sunny, so I am going to assume it may feel like 40 or more. The New Beau has invited me to his place for the weekend again and we are going to take a trip to the beach to check out the newly rebuilt boardwalk (the winter ice trashed it completely).

It will be so nice to have hot sand under my feet, the hot sun on my skin, and a hot man at my side.

I did say it would be smokin' hot this weekend, didn't I? I think 'in all ways' pretty much says it all.


  1. Pffffffffffffftttt...
    I shall continue to play in my puddles.

  2. have a blast and dont forget the sunblock, I have witnessed many toasted canucks this week.
    Cheers, sausage....

  3. Hope: I am soooo goin'!!! Thanks! :-)

    Scarlet: Please keep your puddles to yourself. We are still dealing with the flooding here and do not wish to see any water where it shouldn't be. ;-) *pushes some sunshine towards Scarlet*

    SF: I always use a sport SPF 30. Have for years. I'm on the fair side but have managed to keep the sunburns to a very rare occurrence. I love being out in the sun but so do not want the lobster effect!

  4. "cool, too wet and just too damn short" The story of your life hen.

  5. Yes, don't forget yer protection! :¬)


  6. Jimmy: "Too damn short" is determined by whom I stand beside, darlin'.

    Map: Never!! ;-) xoxoxo

  7. What a contrast to your winter.
    I hope the heat is easing your shoulder but don't do anything too strenuous with it. Have fun;)

  8. Pat: This is a land of extremes, for sure. In six months it will be -37! I love the heat.... and it feels good on all parts of my body, not just my shoulder. And thanks... I am having fun! :-)

  9. If I could bottle up the heat to send you for your health, today would be a good day...the heat index will be 115! Which is 46C to you and sorry, but that doesn't even sound warm!

    Hope you had a lovely time. ;)

  10. Hope: If you could bottle that heat and save it for winter and then send it to me, that would be fabulous! Right now, however, it feels like 102F so I don't think I'll be needing it at the moment. But thanks for thinking of me! ;-)

    And yes, we had a lovely time. :-)


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