Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bous A La Mar


In the annual Bulls to the Sea competition, diablo demonstrates, once again, his award winning form to take the gold cup. dialbo credits his unbroken winning streak of seven years to plenty of crimped oats, a gallon of imported guinness daily and a small personal herd of cows to maintain proper bodily fluid levels.


  1. That was very inventive doll. I like to come up with new ideas. Only this morning I invented the worlds first glass coffin. Will it be a success? Remains to be seen

  2. Ouch! And that's the comment above.

    Just realised Diablo is the bull not the man.

  3. Anon, you bitter twisted shite, it doesn't matter to Ponita's pals if she grew 3 heads and ate wee fat children by way of a hobby.Your comment points towards your own insecurity and your weakness.

    Run along now, eh?

  4. I'm trying to decide if Anon's comment is supposed to be a (failed) stab at sarcastic humor. Is it? If not, I'll hold his arms back and Jimmy can render a few gut punches. Now THAT would make me laugh.

  5. Nice one Ponita.

    Swords and daggers are sharpened and pointed at anonymous.
    Comedy can heal the soul but if that was your attempt at it you failed, go piss up a rope.

  6. I have no idea who this Anonymous is but I'm going to remove that remark. And thank you, all, for defending my honour... It's nice to have friends who stick by you no matter who is slinging bullshit around.

  7. Oooh my word. For a moment I thought Jimmy's comment was directed at me - anon having vanished.
    A pox on all trolls.

  8. I'm glad....

    (a) I don't live in an area which encourages bulls to take the plunge in the local waters.

    (b) that I was fashionably late and missed the previously deleted idiot's comments.

    (c) to see how many folks were quick to defend you...although Jimmy does have a way with words in these situations. ;)

  9. Yabbadabbdooh!

  10. Didn't Hemingway write about the swimming of the bulls?

  11. Pat: You're safe, my dear and yes, a pox indeed!

    Hope: I'm in total agreement on all three points. :-)

    Mago: :-)

    XL: He wrote about bullfighting a lot (in favour... which I am definitely NOT) but I'm not sure if he wrote about the Bous a la Mar.

  12. I want to meet Diablo! This is cool and better than the running of the bulls, unless they are kidding about Diablo still living on and they actually kill all the bulls after this festival...

  13. Snooze: The write-up was all mine... and they lasso the bulls and bring back to safety after they've jumped in the water. Not like bullfighting, where the poor bovines die.


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