Thursday, 7 July 2011

Can't get enough

The new man in my life (and yes, we have gotten to the point of deciding we really want to see where this takes us) has introduced me to Adele.

I've downloaded "21" from iTunes and have it on my iPod. I love this young woman's voice! The power and talent, not to mention the raw emotion, make her a wonder to listen to.

So far, this is my favourite of that album. I hear she is working on a third album, where she wants to do the producing herself.


  1. Oh, your new man has taste!
    All the best, Ponita.

  2. If Adele is who I think she is maybe he has had an unhappy love affair.

  3. Scarlet: He must, if he likes me... *ahem* *grins*

    Pat: Haven't we all at some point?

    But I think it is more a case of recognizing the talent this young woman has... her voice is amazing, even if her songs are full of hurt.

  4. It's good that your man is making you smile hen. Every good man should always teat his woman well. I love to pamper my Siobhan after she's had a stressful day at work. I get her to text me when she's leaving so I can get the hot tap running, swirl around the foam and bubbles and time everything perfectly so the moment she walks through the door the dishes are piled up and waiting for her.

  5. I love her voice! With your glowing review, this may be the next music purchase for me.

    Glad other things may be making you glow as well. ;)

  6. Adele is the best of the British wave of young women soul singers. Her voice is incredible. I like your new man already!

  7. Yep, she's big in our house too.

    And I agree with Jimmy, all us good men look after our ladies. I always send Annette a text when I'm leaving the pub "Hi hon, just finishing my last pint, if I'm not home in twenty mins read this text again"! :¬)


  8. I've just seen her on Graham Norton and she's really quite jolly.

  9. I am, of course, heartbroken that I'm not the new man in your life.

    Or anyone else's, come to that.

  10. Just wait until your new man wants to introduce you to another Adele, only this one works behind the counter at the butchers and is as keen as he is on trying out a threesome.

    Still, cheap sausages will always come in handy.

  11. Jimmy: okay, I'll admit - I cracked up at your dishes comment

    Ponita: I'm sure your new guy wouldn't pull a trick like that and very happy for you!

  12. I love this song and have never seen the video, so thank you.

    I'm really glad things continue to progress happily for you. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.


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