Thursday, 9 June 2011

You know it's June when...

...the Junebugs are out and thwacking my windows with such regularity that even Lila has given up paying attention to them. When she's asleep, that is...

File:Phyllophaga spPCCP20040419-4076A2.jpg

They are harmless. They don't bite. They do fly but not their steering seems to lack in accuracy. And they can get pretty big (like 35mm in length at times).

They are a fact of life on the Prairies. They hurt if you are on a motorcycle and one runs into you. I got a bruise on my arm from one once...


  1. That's a pretty big bug!

    Do they harm crops?

  2. XL: They can, if they emerge in large enough numbers, as they are leaf eaters. But that's rare. Up here, the cankerworms are a much greater threat to foliage... they've been known to strip a tree of leaves in a matter of hours. You can even hear them munching! And they descend from the trees on threads so they tend to be hitchhikers. It's pretty gross when lots of worms are hanging from the trees!

  3. I'll stay in Norfolk then.

  4. We have May bugs in.... er... May. They are huge and come out at night and they are ugly. They end up on their backs and waggle their legs in the air... harmless though.
    This is all I have to say about bugs.

  5. Shhhh! Don't say that word too loud. Every year they show up out of nowhere to eat the figs off the tree JUST as soon as they ripen.

  6. Dave: You'd better... those strawberries will need guarding.

    Scarlet: I do believe these are your May bugs long lost cousins. They perform the same antics, although they are out in the daytime too.

    Hope: We don't have that problem here. But that may be because we don't grow figs this far north. ;-)

  7. I don't miss tent caterpillar season from growing up in northern Ontario


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