Monday, 27 June 2011

The sun on my skin...

... warms me, even though the temperature is about 6 degrees below normal for this time of year. (Normal starts up again tomorrow so I'm good with that.) I walk daily to maintain some semblance of fitness, and to gain some semblance of sanity as I go stir-crazy alone in my apartment.

The attention of a new man warms what is left of my heart, after the LHB fiasco that dragged on for so long. I am pleased that he is taking his time and being respectful, and yet he calls me every day that we don't see each other, even though we've only seen each other twice so far.

That's can't be a bad thing, can it?

I'm meeting him for lunch downtown tomorrow. He said he'll even show me his office, to prove that his business cards aren't fake and that he does in fact have a job! It's good he has a sense of humour. He's not been put off by the fact that I have a bum arm, and that I am soon to go into the shop for repairs, and that I am now living on a disability benefit.

We also have a dinner date for Saturday coming, which was made last week before we have even seen each other a second time.

Conversation seems to flow easily, both in person and on the phone. In fact, we logged 171 minutes last night (as per my phone display), so there has to be some kind of a connection. We even spoke about just that subject and how you have to deal with someone you meet where there is no connection at all.

Will this amount to anything? Who knows. I don't have a crystal ball or the ability to foresee the future. I can only go by how I feel... and so far, this is feeling pretty good. Kinda like that warm sun on my skin...


  1. Beginnings are fun. Sometimes the best bit.
    A poorly shoulder makes you a little vulnerable - even a strong girl like you - so take care.

  2. Pat is right. There's nothing better than the honeymoon period. Enjoy it. And 171 minutes!! My god! You're damn right that counts for something.

    WV: UPERGAB! I'll say!

  3. Pat: Yes, beginnings are fun... and yes, I will take care. I don't really like the vulnerable feeling...

    UB: What can I say!?!? The conversation flows easily. ;-)

  4. So... some plaid shirted lumberjack is soon to be putting his boots under my table in your kitchen, so it would seem.

    It's as if he just waved a magicians wand and vanished you away fae under the noses of both me and the Mapless wan. Convincing my dogs that I really threw the ball is the closest I'll ever get to being a magician.

  5. My husband asked me once, during one of those times when there were more bills that money, why I stayed.

    "You make me laugh," was my reply. All these years later, he still does. I'd pick sense of humor over padded bank account any day.

    I'm thinking good thoughts for deserve them!

  6. I haven't dropped by your blog in AGES, I'm sorry :( I'm glad to hear you've got a new bloke who sounds pretty decent!! Good luck with him. :)

  7. You sound cautiously enthused - which is good.
    Slightly off-topic... I now have the weather for Canada [Ontario] programmed into my phone. I was very jealous last week.

  8. Jimmy: Perhaps if you'd stop wandering off, it would still be your boots under my (and it is my) table! One requires consistency and commitment, darlin'. Your disappearing act has forced me to entertain others. ;-)

    Hope: I agree... Being able to make one laugh, especially in the rough times, is essential! Thanks for the thoughts... they are much appreciated.

    Stace: OMG! Hi and congrats on baby #2 on the way! I haven't been out your way either in a long time.

    Scarlet: Cautious is correct. I am still healing from the last heart crushing I experienced so I don't want to react too quickly to how good this one seems.

    And you may like Winnipeg weather for the next 5 days too: highs of 24 - 33, although with that heat, there may be an afternoon thunderstorm thrown in for good measure. A common practice here on the prairies with summer heat. ;-)

  9. Listen doll, my disappearing act is bringing in around 20K a month. Expect to see less of me the wider my bank managers smile becomes.

  10. I like analogy of warm sun of your skin. :-)

    Happy Canada Day!

  11. Oh I missed this development! I hope that things are still progressing with new dude.


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