Thursday, 23 June 2011


I've pretty much had it with this year.

I mean, it's a write-off, after all.

The past 5 months have been spent carting an almost useless arm around like some spare appendage that likes to cause me great discomfort at the most inopportune times. Ever try to scratch your left shoulder when your right one won't let you move said arm that far? How about getting into and out of clothing that usually means arms lifted overhead? No? Well, it's not something I highly recommend. It's downright frustrating and painful.

It's been known to cause my eyes to well up with tears during the effort. And for me to swear a blue streak too. I've not yet resorted to kicking one of the cats, though. (I know you are thinking it can't be all that bad then, if no cat kicking has been involved.)

And the year is not even remotely over yet. The best (and I use that word extremely facetiously) is yet to come.

In just shy of 5 weeks, I will undergo the repair operation for said defunct shoulder. From what I have been told, the recovery and rehab is long, painful and arduous. I would prefer to skip that part.

Perhaps we could fast forward to 2012? By then, things should be getting back into a more normal rhythm. I should be back at work, at least on a graduated return, depending on how the shoulder tolerates the workload. I should be not in much pain anymore.

And I might even be able to take up ice skating again. I had planned on that last winter. Something put the kibosh on that plan last winter.


  1. Keep playing 'them' numbers, plan a holiday to Ireland for 2012, buy me a car, come to Ireland, bring my car, get drunk (that won't take long!), get drunk again, admire my car, etc. etc. etc...... And on day 2....... :¬)


  2. Map: I have been! They've only netted my $2 so far. But when they come through with the big one, watch out! ;-) xoxoxo

    XL: Groovy, man! (Do I need some acid to go with that tune?)

  3. I do hope the ordeal of your pain and discomfort ends soon. I know how dispiriting it can be.
    I remember my sister having a very painful hysterectomy and she used to go through all the parts of her body which didn't hurt and although it sounds a bit Pollyanna, it seemed to help her.

  4. I don't think I own any clothing that requires me to lift my arms over my head.

    Oh, except hats of course.


  5. Oh, dear. And it's only June. All I have for you is cold comfort. I've had years like this and I can assure you that they eventually come to an end.

  6. soon, sugar, it will get better. but, as long as you can still type, well, it's all good! xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Sending healing thoughts your way. I hope it is a much less torturous process for you than it appears. I wish I could get you started on what I am helps with healing. Hugs, Laurie

  8. Sorry, my new computer has been such a pain that it may make me qualify to answer Charlie's question soon. :)

    I'm sorry life has not been kind to you lately. Perhaps you're just getting all the crappy stuff out of the way so you can live happily ever after. :)

    Sending good thoughts your way!


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