Thursday, 10 February 2011

Kitty Midnight Madness

The Winnipeg Humane Society is a wonderful place and they've come up with a funny and creative ad to get people to adopt cats. Local 2nd generation furniture store owner Andy Hill, who has followed in his father's footsteps with their Kern Hill Furniture store as well as the rapid-fire tv and radio ads, takes his style to the Humane Society's plea for adoptions. Even if you don't know who he is, or the history of the store and their ads, this is funny!


  1. funny, funny, funny. I loved it makes me want to get anther kitty.
    I like the crazy one banging away on the glass. Are you heading over there to adopt one.

  2. SF: Good lord, no! I already have two. Don't need another mouth to feed, thanks, even though I would enjoy having more around. Don't want to become a crazy cat lady!!

  3. Love it! Hope it whips up some kitty adoption business!

  4. That's fantastic. My dyslexic self misread the first few words as "The Whimpering Humane Society.

  5. You will share your house with more cats?

  6. XL: Thsi video has almost gone viral on youtube. They predict within the next two weeks, it will have been viewed at least a million times. Not bad for a little city in the middle of the frozen Prairie, eh!?

    UB: "Whimpering"!!! Winterpeggers don't whimper, my dear... we are creative and constructive. I'm sure this video has resulted in more adoptions! ;-)

    Mago: Oh no! Two is plenty, thank you. It is all I can do to stop Lila from wrecking the place as it is... I can't imagine having several more around doing the same. Actually, in the city, the limit is three cats. I will stay with my two. That way, no one is odd man out.

  7. At least two of those cats had emeralds for eyes.


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