Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ceiling Cat

You know what sheet metal sounds like when you wiggle it? That wounka-wounka kind of noise?

I get to listen to that a lot here.

The cats can get up in the ceiling in the basement and wander around on top of the furnace duct work. Sometimes they run around and wrestle in there. At least, that is what I assume they are doing but I can't see them.

It resonates throughout the house, that noise; coming in to every room through the heating vent on the floor.

It's not often I catch one of them up there, but today I did.

Lila. Of course.


  1. Lila is Ceiling Cat! Who knew!

  2. Could have been worse, could have been rodents.

  3. There's a reason curious cats have 9 lives. :)

  4. That is so funny! God, I love cats. They're mysterious, graceful, beautiful creatures.

    WV: gentl! Yes, that too.

  5. Never a dull moment with kitties I fancy:)

  6. XL: Lila is every cat!!! Or, at least she tries to be... ;-)

    Mago: tdc? Not getting that...

    Madame: Rodents? With a former barn cat in the house? (Pips) I don't think they'd stand a chance! :-)

    Hope: Yep... otherwise there'd be lots of dead ones...

    UB: I totally concur!! :-)

    Pat: I always like to have at least two - that way it's always live entertainment! ;-)


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