Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year's Eve

funny dog pictures - Jake knew he was under the weather when he coughed up the Hello Kitty and farted a rainbow

My New Year's Eve was spent kinda like old Jake's here... only much more monochromatic.

I had acquired a minor case of Gastroenteritis from the hospital. Several wards have been quarantined. This seems to happen every winter and some staff always end up catching it. The last time I had it was about 5 years ago and it was much worse than this year's bout! That time it was fire hose force out both ends at the same time. Good thing I had a large bucket in the bathroom!

Thankfully, this time it only lasted about 12 hours but then it took me about 24 to replace the 5.5 lbs I had lost. Almost all of that was water, of course (unfortunately...). I am now back to normal in that department. (Hey, I have never claimed to be normal in any other respect!)

So the final day of 2010 was crap (literally) but...! The first day of 2011 saw the resolution to a problem that had been making life miserable for close to two weeks.

All things considered, life is pretty good at the moment. A new decade has begun.


  1. I hope the rest of the year will be crapless. I don't mean this literally, because that would mean severe constipation.
    I hope all turns out well, Pon.

  2. Poor you! I'm so glad you are on the mend and ready for all the new year brings - lots of love and happiness.
    At least you were at home with the 'explosions'. I don't recommend an Indian hotel bathroom sans bucket.

  3. As you correctly point out, it's a new beginning. Onward through the fog. Don't forget to post.

  4. Yikes.. that does suck. Bear up lass and onward tae 2011.
    All the best...
    ps. Let's all plan for a NYC trip in December????

  5. talk about a shitty end to a shitty year, sugar! (ok, tasteless and mucho tackless, but come on, you did smile, right?)
    anywho, you are absolutely right, it's a new beginning for all of us, sugarpie! xoxoxo

  6. Lots of trotting here in the States, too (Norwalk virus, for instance). 'Tis that time... Hope the New Year is a bit more "regular" for you.

  7. Poor dear you! We have all been there, but on New Years Eve?! Holy CRAP!

    Hope you are A1 again, and here's to a healthy 2011.

    (Did my numbers come up?) :¬)


  8. I hope your health and strength are back and other problems are solved too.

  9. There's a Lithuanian folk saying that states: "Diarrhea at New Year means a bountiful year to come..."

    Well. OK. I made that up, but I'm all about creating new folk sayings to make the best of bad situations.

    Happy New Year!


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