Friday, 14 January 2011

Bryan Adams - Straight from The Heart

This isn't the version of this song that I wanted to post, but that one is "unavailable".

Here is the link if anyone is interested in the same song but a much, much better video:


  1. i missed this song somehow, so i wasn't prepared for these lyrics. lovely song, sugar. xoxoxo

  2. Everybody's in bed so I'll save them both for tomorrow. I'm a fan of Mr Adams.

  3. Always liked the fella, poor fecker had the same acne shit as me! Still we both turned out to be beautiful talented musicians! :¬)


  4. Savannah: You'd never heard this song before? It is one of my favourites by Bryan.

    UB: Yep, he is!

    Pat: Me too... a big fan.

    Map: Yes, you are both beautiful!!! You more than him, though. :-) xoxoxo

  5. Awwww! Been a long time since I heard this...


  6. Pearl: For me too.

    Map: Hey, I know you! You *are* a beautiful guy. Him, I don't know from Jack. ;-) xoxoxo

  7. I will always remember his voice with another great Canadian band from the 80's - White Lion.
    Remember them?

  8. You Canadians share the nicest things. :)
    [Although I will admit to being shocked that William Shatner and Lorene Greene were amongst them!]

    Nice way to start the day..thanks!

    And of COURSE we'd rather see Map...what good is a P.R. firm without a talented and handsome client?

  9. Mr. Fingers: White Lion? Are you sure? I did a google search and came up with no connection. Wiki doesn't list him as a past member of White Lion...

    Hope: Hey Birthday Girl! Yes, we do like to share. You didn't know Shatner is Canadian??? I just caught part of a tv show about how Star Trek affected so much of the technology in modern society. It was hilarious (with Shatner as the host, how could it not be?) and quite fascinating. Here's a link to the dvd:
    How William Shatner Changed The World. I think I might go buy this!

  10. *Quietly exits*
    Apologies for not being an Adams fan.

  11. Scarlet: No apologies necessary! Everyone has their own tastes and I don't expect you to like what I like.


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