Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fantastic Canadian Talent!

Not the greatest video quality, as it was shot by an audience member, but the sound is okay and what a great song! Jann Arden hauled back on stage after she'd finished her gig to sing a song with Michael Bublé (hence the jeans and hoodie outfit - apparently she was about to get into her van and drive away!). I love these two and what fabulous voices together!! Impromptu, unrehearsed and quite funny!

Hope you enjoy it.


  1. She's new to me, but this is great. Love it!

    (Hope you are feeling better!) :¬)


  2. I love Micheal Buble... but alas my broadband speed is hampering my enjoyment.

  3. Saw the title of your post in my Google Reader and thought you were referring to Rush. Imagine my surprise!

  4. UB: Rush? Seriously?? Oh they are still around but so passé. Just a bunch of old farts playing the same old tunes. ;-)

  5. Map: Jann Arden is Canada's best kept secret. I don't know how she's not made it internationally yet. Check her out on youtube!

    Scarlet: Oh dear... sorry your broadband is too slow... If you can get it to download, it's fabulous!

  6. Can't watch on my gosh darn iPad. Argh. Haha re: Rush! Sarge is such a Rush fanatic it's not even funny...

  7. I love Buble so this was quite a treat! She is really good!

    Thanks for sharing...hope you're feeling better!

  8. Don't know her but a fan of Michael.

  9. Anonymous Franconian31 January 2011 at 18:32

    Tehee, I do not understand one word, but they seem to enjoy the grab and fondle!


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