Thursday, 6 January 2011

Bloody ridiculous!

It's dry in the winter here. Moisture doesn't like to hang around in the air when it's -25C or so (as it was this morning when I got up...). Add into that forced air heating in the house and there is absolutely no humidity at all!

Now, I get sporadic nose bleeds because of this, and have been plagued with a few recently. But driving home from work last night was a first!

I have a bit of a cold and so am a tad snuffly. I guess I must have snuffled a bit too vigorously because all of a sudden the blood started to pour out of my nose, cascading over my lips and down my chin.

I looked like this chicky - minus the long red hair and pointy piercing doodad, but the effect was similar, although I had more blood smeared on my chin.

I managed to get my gloved hand to my nose in time to prevent a major staining of my white uniform pants. There's a small dribble on my jacket, but it's dark pink and very washable so that's no big deal.

Picture this: one hand clamped to my hemorrhaging proboscis, using my knees to steer, while my 'free' hand is attempting to shift gears and root through my purse for some tissue to stuff up my nose. Good thing it was almost midnight and there wasn't much traffic! I managed to stay on the road, although I did graze the snowbanks in a few spots along the way. 

I'm pretty sure no one saw me with a white tissue hanging out of my nose and blood smeared all over, like I'd just gone all 'Twilight' on some poor unsuspecting soul...

And just a short time ago, while sitting in front of the computer minding my own business, it started all over again... right out of the blue! No snuffling involved this time.

Time to go coat the insides of my nasal passages with a thick layer of Vaseline. *sigh*


  1. Bloody hell, that's what I call "Multitasking"
    good luck with the Vaseline

  2. Too much scrubbing powder ...

  3. It makes you wonder if human beings were meant to live there.

  4. All that "dry" air, no humidity thing is awful on the nose!

    We actually broke down and bought a dehumidifier this year for our bedroom;we put in a heat pump a month ago and it dried the air out so much that both of us woke up with completely stuffed noses and Hubby doesn't have sinus issues like I do. In fact, my nose was doing the occasional bleeding too...but not as bad as you! Yikes!

    Hope all's better now. For the record, we got the cool mist humidifier rather than the warm one.

  5. Sorry for you. Vaseline - that's useful to know. MTL is on Warfarin so we have the odd nose bleed. Horrid to happen when you are alone and driving.

  6. What a pretty picture you paint my dear Ponita!

    I pray, dear Jebus, tomorrow will be better! :¬)


  7. Mine does that sometime, too.

  8. Never had a nose bleed, and reading this I don't think I missed much! Hope it gets better!

  9. As I recall, you were trying to impress LHB a couple weeks ago with a snotful of snot. Now you're doing it again, but this time time with blood.

    You sure know the way to a man's heart. As boys, life was all about snot and blood. Could tooting possibly be next?

  10. You poor thing. Never a good look at the best of times.

  11. E gads. Hope the blood letting has stopped. Ge a good humidifier!


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