Sunday, 3 January 2010

Well? Will they?

Will I ever quit being tired?

Will I ever catch up so that what comes in exceeds what goes out?

Will I ever get rid of the damn fleas without ripping out every square yard of carpet in the house?

Will the cold warm up to a more bearable cold, so that I can walk the dog without freezing my eyeballs off?

Will the need to work overtime ever go away?

Will I ever finish painting the doors in my bedroom?

Will things with the Land Baron ever get off to a start that will allow us to find out if it is meant to be something?

Will things ever get to the point of being comfortable without having to worry?

That's what I want to know...


  1. Pon, the answer to all your questions is YES!

    Or NO!

    If I could predict the future, then yours would be on a big ranch in a sunny place with a rich land baron who loves you more than life and rides out every morning with you on two fine steeds before breakfast!

    But I can't predict the future, no more than you can! And you know, I wouldn't want to.
    Life is a struggle for most people I think, and sometimes it is that very struggle (I know, much bigger and harder for some more than others) which keeps us on the upward and onward path.

    Tomorrow, tomorrow.....


  2. Maybe this will help?

    [bolts out the door, runs smack into fire hydrant hidden in snow bank]

  3. Oh Map... that future sounds so fantastically like what I would so love to have... But I will take just having the love part... Really. What else matters? If you have love and you have happiness, all the rest is minor details, right?

    And in all reality, I do have love. Just not the up close and personal kind I am craving. Hopefully, one day soon... and lasting for the rest of my life. Thanks, hon... xoxoxo

    XL: I hope you barked your shin on that fire hydrant! Stupid 8 ball oracle... useless piece of sh!t... Pretty much just like real life, isn't it? :-D

    How are ya doin'? Back to work tomorrow? Me too. But I wasn't galivanting about, half a world away, like you were. Hope you had a blast and can't wait for the official report, complete with photos! (hint, hint)

  4. The future's bright, the future's laminate.
    Happy New Year!

  5. So many questions - and so few answers.
    Especially when it's so cold.
    I often think of Winnipeg when a few inches of snow brings UK to a standstill.

  6. I can assure you that the days will become longer and it will be warmer.
    Good for the fleas.


  7. Definite yes on the weather improving - it's already doing so. Hurray! Doors and fleas you can definitely do something about, but love and finances, who knows? I suppose that there are always ways of downsizing one's life to ease financial strain, but who wants to unless really desperate? Romance is total crystal ball stuff, so I'm not going there!

    I hope that you can get a few days off soon and have a good rest. You've had a tough schedule lately and the world always looks bleaker when we're dead-tired. (((Ponita)))

  8. I'm pretty certain that the answer is "maybe".

    Half the fun of life is dealing with the hassles that life throws at us; the other half is dealing with those awful periods of boredom when everything seems to be going smoothly.

    Can't remember one of those? Strange that - me neither :-)

  9. I sometimes see you as an innocent wide-eyed wee girl, peering through the sweetie shop windies, dreaming of all the wonderful sugar to sweeten your rosy red lips.

    other times I see you as a half naked dancer, writhing with pleasure at the foot of my bed. (but that's another story doll-face)

  10. Savannah: :-) xoxoxo

    Scarlet: Multi-layered and scratch resistant? ;-)

    Kaz: When you have winters like we do, you get used to the cold and snow... we're a tough bunch here in that respect.

    Mago: Thanks for the hugs... the days are already slightly longer but the fleas I can definitely live without!

    Eleanor: The financial easing is coming through working overtime and having finally found someone who will buy my horse. I spoke with her tonight at length and it's a go, barring an earth shattering disaster. The crystal ball stuff is best left to the gypsies, I think. ;-)

    Ro: Boredom has not been a part of my life for eons! Perhaps I need to find some... it might do me some good. :-)

    Jimmy: I am at times a wide-eyed girl and at times a half naked dancer, and occasionally both at the same time. And if I am in your bedroom, I'm pretty certain I wouldn't be at the foot of your bed... Tell me stories... I'd love to hear them. :-P

  11. Well, life is full of challenges. How we deal with them is what defines us and helps us move forward. It's never easy, but you're strong and you're smart. You'll find a way. And if goals seems too large and too much, it helps to break them down into little stages. Like they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. All we can do is move forward, or we'll never get where we want to be.

    You'll be fine, because you've not only survived some of life's toughest experiences, but you've thrived every step of the way.

  12. Eros: You're very right... I know that... but at times I just grow tired of the challenges and would relish a bit of the day to day ordinary-ness where things are status quo without the stress. But thanks for having faith in me when mine has failed. xoxo

  13. Jimmy: Would you expect anything less...??? :-D hee hee hee!!!

  14. From distant memory, boredom is okay for a short while but it doesn't take long to become, well, boring!


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