Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Moon blue drifts cut sharply across my path
rising in static waves
knife edged from blizzardly keenings

Sharply shadowed lines
define dark and light
depth lost in the moonlight

Breath exits crisply
snatched from chilled lips
by the night wind's cruel fingers

Turning key
unlocks a flood of warmth
punctuated by a cold nose
and warm purrs


  1. Very good. I like the greetings most of all.

  2. XL: Those greetings are most welcome... especially when it's a frigid -32C outside and a balmy +22C inside... :-)

    And thanks. I don't often get the urge to write poetry but sometimes it feels a need to escape.

  3. Nothing like coming in from the cold to a nice flood of warmth! :¬)

    This is good missus!


  4. Lovely.

    I hear ya. Nothing better than a warm house and warm greetings after trudging through the cold, beautiful moonlit snow. No place like home.

  5. Map: Nothing like it at all... Thanks! :-)

    Eros: Even if the warm greetings aren't human, I know they are happy to see me just because...


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