Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Just us girls

It's a girlie's world in my house now.

I can't say it's an estrogen charged one, because I am the only one producing any... Although all four of us are non-reproductive, I still have all my bits, whereas the rest have been relieved of theirs.

Which is a good thing.

One does not need a pair of yowling, slinky furred females attempting at all costs to bolt out the door, no matter what the weather, in search of a handsome young tom.

Or a gigantic mopey girl, dripping from both ends, furthering the demise of the carpeting in the house. Too bad they don't make puppy panties for the front end too.

And, as always, there is plenty of action in the house...


  1. I like the cat wrestling/boxing video. :)

    Hope the blue puppies on the map cheer up a bit!

  2. XL: They are a constant source of entertainment... and exacerbation!

    Luckily, the larger of the blue puppies is only built that way... On the inside she's a happy camper! xoxo

  3. I often wonder if all of the cats in your hoose still retain all of their fur?

    Wishful thinking perhaps?

  4. Crazy feckin' cats ya got there missus!

    :¬) xxx

  5. Jimmy: Not all... ;-)

    Map: Yep... and they are a blast! I love having live entertainment anytime. :-D

  6. Ha! I luv the dogs pic! Makes ya go, awwwww....

  7. Since I'm the only human female here I had no choice to make my pets female to redress the balance!

  8. That is a really sweet pic of you and your kitty!


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