Friday, 15 January 2010

Comparing facial hair

Lila met a moustache for the first time yesterday.

Lila was intrigued.

Why were there more whiskers on His face than hers?

Of course, she didn't take into account that she tends to break hers off in her daily cavortings about the house...

I thought she was going to grab it, but she restrained herself.

Of course, He had the smarts to turn His face away as she was up close and personal, eyeballing said facial hair.


  1. I had a 'tache through most of the eighties! As did most of my brothers. Strange. Had a beard for a while as well. It did tend to bother pussies.


  2. Ha! I tried mustache but it was a lot of work to keep it trimmed right. I wear a goatee or sport a soul patch every now and then.

    Sounds like the meeting went well!

  3. I'm thinking Lila may have turned up the charm a bit and made a good impression. :)

  4. Map: Mine have ever been bothered by facial hair in the past... ;-)

    Eros: I really like goatees... don't like soul patches... but that's personal preference.

    And yes, it went well. :-)

    XL: He thought she was pretty cute!

  5. how cool, sugar! *happy dancing*

  6. What self-control she has, the good girl.

    Glad it went well!

  7. I wish I could grow a full on 'stache

  8. I spent most of my adult life with a full beard and tache and I noticed that cats, on occasion, were fascinated.

    Fortunately, the facial hair that I grow is quite strong so with fascination comes protection!

  9. Tickling, possibly.

  10. Guess it's important that Mr Moustache made an impression on Lila - can you imagine how awkward it would be if she decided he was no good?!? :D

    So glad it's going well, Pon - you deserve it! xx

  11. Ah tragically, if she had met me first, she'd have seen her first moustache that little bit earlier.

  12. Leah: She has no self control at all! It was mild discouragement on his part. ;-)

    Doc: Hello and welcome! I'm glad I can't... :-P

    Ro: I've seen your pics... she'd probably love to wrassle with beard! You would most likely lose an eye... she's very brave (or foolish!).

    Mago: Perhaps... ;-)

    Helga: Strangely enough, she usually hides when there's company she doesn't know... but she came right up to him when he was sitting on the couch. A good sign, perhaps? :-)

    Madame: Ah, I bet your moustache is nothing like his... Think Sam Elliot, the actor, but not just grey. ;-)

  13. I can do nice things with stubbles on my chin. Dear, I just hope you are well.


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