Friday, 8 January 2010

Leaving home for good

It's (almost) a done deal...

The cheque is in the mail...

She signed on the dotted line...

Thunder is moving to Calgary soon. Probably by month's end. He'll be paid for in full by the 20th at the latest.

A woman saw him advertised on the internet and is buying him, based only on some photos and a video.

I've spoken to her at length, as has my girlfriend, the horse trainer, who takes horses for sale on consignment... where he's been listed with her for eleven freaking long months!

I'm so relieved that he's finally been sold. The financial burden has been tremendous.

And I am so sad that I am losing such a lovely creature... I've cried a number of times in the past few days, despite many months of disassociating myself from being a horse owner/rider.

But it is for the best for both of us. And I am sure she'd let me visit if I am out that way. (I do have a brother in Calgary, after all.)

I hope, I hope, I hope he'll be happy and well cared for. I hope. *sigh* *sniffle* *sob*


  1. I am sure your dear creature Thunder is going to a good home hon! As I am sure you will indeed miss him! But as you say, there is always the possibility of visiting, so..!

    Another landmark,
    another hurdle.

    Hugs for 'Ponygirl'!


  2. Ya, bittersweet times and mixed emotions on that one. Maybe Thunder will take part in the Calgary Stampede. :)

  3. Map: I think it will be good also... Just so hard to part with him... he really is a sweetheart. Thanks for the hugs, hon! xoxo

    XL: Apparently, she's been in the Stampede parade in the past on other horses, so who knows?! Maybe Thunder will become a parade horse. :-)

  4. Don't greet hen, you'll be close to Thunder again the very next time you lick a stamp or mend a broken vase, maybe even when you're opening up a tin of food for the wee pussy cats about the hoose.

    Och... you know I'm only joking.

  5. I can see how much Thunder means to you, and it's not easy to give up someone you luv. But what you're doing is out of luv, and you're doing it so Thunder can find a good home.

    You'll be less stressed and feel less guilty about not spending as much time as you want with Thunder. You're giving him a great gift, and the time you've shared will always be with you. He's a great horse, because you raised him that way.

    Much luv and best wishes to you and Thunder.

  6. Transitions are SO hard. Interestingly, I've been looking online at a Thoroughbred cross mare at the Abbotsford SPCA who needs a home. Her name is Pigeon. I love that! It's just a fantasy, though, for all the reasons you're having to give up Thunder. (sigh)

  7. Thanks for the hug, Jonas.... always appreciated. xoxo

    JIMMY!!!! Oh you big bugger, you! Quit moving out of my reach... I am going to cuff you upside the head for that one... *turns and stomps off*

    Eros: Thank you, my friend. You are very right... it is the best for both of us... and he is a wonderful horse partly because of all the things I taught him. But also because that's just who he is.

    Andrea: Oh dear... fantasy... Yes, it is hard, isn't it?

  8. Stopped you from greetin about him though, did I not?

  9. Dear - it's good for the horse. That's important. Now let me comfort you, these Glaswegians ... thererthere ...

  10. Ponita, you are such a good kind animal person, and of course you're doing the very best thing. I am sorry it's hard. Hugs.

    Now, Jimmy!!!! He's a genius with the well-placed off-color remark, is he not?


  11. Mago, thank you, my friend. Those Glaswegians, indeed!

    Leah: I know it's the right thing and I'm happy in a way...

    Jimmy rules those remarks, doesn't he?!?!?

  12. Aw, I'm glad to hear he's going to a good home. I sure it's a relief for you to know that too, as well as for the financial reasons.

    Hugs to you!


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