Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday, Sunday...

I did sweet bugger all yesterday, other than go to the grocery store, and forget things, and have to make a second trip.

So today the list of things to get done is long. And if I ever get my ass away from this computer, I just might get some of them done!

Cut the grass - waiting for the part of the yard in the shadows to dry - we got buckets of rain yesterday (along with a great lightning show!)

Strip the bed and wash the linens. And all the towels.... doggy spit rags included (but in a separate load, along with her bedding).

Wash my clothes - uniforms need to be cleaned for new work week...

Vacuum the entire house.

Spot clean the carpets where the dog has been sitting/lying down... I think I need to get in the habit of wiping her bum every day... why do dogs have to get messy as they get older???

Take the Bissell Green Machine to the stairs. When I rented a Rug Doctor last week to clean the carpets, the upholstery/stair attachment was nonfunctional. I got a partial refund but the stairs are still in dire need of a good scrub!

Wash all the floors. Luckily, this is easy. They are ceramic tile.

Clean the bathrooms.

Okay... it is now 12:30... time to get a move-on!


  1. Oh, lots of chores for a Sunday. Hope you get some time to unwind a bit later. :)

  2. "Why do dogs have to get messy as they get older???" I dunno. I keep wondering why I soil meself...?

  3. That's why we don't have pets! Even goldfish are messy bastards! :¬)


  4. XL: Am cooling off for a few minutes after cutting the grass. Bed linens and towels, and cutting the grass now crossed off the list. On to the next chore shortly. ;-)

    Jonas: The drooling is more now, and brown skid marks on a light grey carpet are very unsightly! I guess we all end up like that. don't we... no matter the species!

    Map: Ah, you don't know what you're missing, man!!! I think cats are the best, personally. Even cleaning the litter box (thank gawd for the advent of clumping litter) is no big deal. They make great lap warmers in the winter too! ;-) xoxoxo

  5. That's why I HATE Saturdays...because that's the day I do all my menial labor work. :)

    Hope you got enough done to ease you into the week with clean uniforms. :)

  6. I do the chore list, too. It makes it easier to focus on what needs to get done. I also need a list for grocery shopping as I tend to forget to buy the things I needed to get in the first place.

    Sundays are my designated laundry days. It's also the day I set out all the clothes I'm going to wear the rest of the week (and some back up clothes). It's like my prep day to make sure the rest of the week goes by smoothly. And I actually like the scent of clean clothes and making sure they're all neatly pressed and put away properly.

  7. Hope the week was less busy that your Sunday.


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