Thursday, 1 July 2010


It would appear that the air conditioning in my truck has crapped out. We're supposed to hit 32C today. Good thing the only driving I needed to do is now done, and it was only 25C at the time. With the humidity hovering around 80%, it's pretty sticky.

But it is now sunny and that makes my day. It started out with heavy overcast, light rain and distant thunder. Not the way I really wanted Canada Day 2010 to begin. But by noon, it had cleared and we've entered the high UV zone. Yay!

I guess the truck will need a trip to the shop to find out what's going on. It's only the beginning of summer... I can't be without a/c if it stays hot!

I sweat... lots... and that makes my mascara run. And before you tell me to wear the waterproof stuff... I can't. My eyelids don't like it one whit. So I need a sweat free zone for my travels about the city.

Guess I'll have to call tomorrow.... *sigh*


  1. Oh, I remember all too clearly the days of the summer road trips before car airconditioning...murder. Pure and simple.

  2. Happy Canada Day!

    Hoping it is the best case: the a/c may just need a re-charge which is not too expensive.

  3. I have my A/C on when it's barely warm outside. I hate heat. Especially in the car. IGood luck.

  4. I'm about to make a quick run to the store to buy some groceries during the lull between thunderstorms--courtesy of the outer bands of Hurricane Alex. It's going to suck when the sun comes out for a while--all that dang humidity...

    I hope it's just a minor thing, like xl said, just a recharge. Start looking up on the internet reviews of your local auto shops or a/c fixing places to get an idea of where to take your truck. You might find a great deal.

  5. i hope the guys are right, sugar and it'll be a cheap fix! i can't bear being in the car without the AC, but then, it is africa hot here! xoxoxo

  6. Savannah is should be criminal not to have A/C in every enclosure known to mankind down here!

    Hopefully all are right and all you need is some freon to bring back the cold air. :)

  7. Air conditioning! Oh you people from Canadia and your fancy ways! :¬)


  8. Leah: Yes... hell on earth, isn't it?

    XL: Thanks! And I hope that's all it needs...

    Boxer: You and I are opposites. I just don't like the heat in enclosed spaces. Outside is no problemo!

    Eros: I hear ya... right now it is 30C and with the humidity, it feels like 41. Smokin'!!

    (Um... for those who don't know celcius... that feels like 105F!)

    Savannah: I think I am in Africa with you. xoxo

    Hope: Definitely necessary for comfort at times.

    Map: Fancy! HA! It's pure survival, hon... pure survival. My truck is black inside. If it is 30C outside, just imagine how much hotter it is in there after sitting in the sun all day! Fancy schmancy... xoxoxo

  9. And just what IS going on with the heat and humidity? Just south of you here in Minneapolis and I think it's time to sprout those gills I've been thinking about...


  10. Pearl: Yeah, you can just about swim through the air, can't you? I like heat, but this humidity crap can go back to the Deep South!


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