Saturday, 3 July 2010

I mean, seriously!

So... met a new guy last week. Did the meet and greet thing, which went well.

We met again on Saturday and played pool, had a few drinks, yakkedity yak... usual 'first date' stuff. Was a lot of fun... we hit it off nicely.

Wed. evening, he invited me to his place for dinner. He was very drunk when I got there. Said he had been helping out his best friend all day, the two of them laying sod and drinking beer.

Okaaaaaaay. It was hot and that's pretty physical work. But come on! He knew I was coming over...

Thursday he came to my place for a BBQ. We spoke on the phone in the morning and he said he'd call in the afternoon when he'd done all this chores (mowing the grass, doing laundry, cleaning his house). Since I hadn't heard from him by 4:30, I called his house.

No answer... left a message on his machine to give me a call.

7:35 rolls around and I am *this* close to calling his machine and telling him he's stood me up, when the phone rings. He'd forgotten it was a buddy's girlfriend's 40th birthday. He'd been at the party. Figured he'd be there for half an hour... riiiiight.

Comes to my place by 8:15... drunk again. And driving yet!

Enough already. I was married to a drinker before... I have absolutely no desire to be involved with one again.

Plus... his profile says he's a nonsmoker. NOT! He smokes. Plain and simple.

So today was the email to say this ain't goin' nowhere, honey.... good luck finding a party girl who smokes.

What an idiot..... *sigh*


  1. Oy! Showing up drunk? Feh. At least you guys should've been getting drunk together! Anything else is totally weird. I'm sorry! What is it with guys? I know they're not all jerks, but a girl sure does have to wade through a little pond of them before a good one shows up. Hang in there, gorgeous lady!

  2. The more I read about your experiences Out There the more I'm thinking about locking my husband up in the baesemnt for the rest of his life. OK -- he can go out to work and do garden chores. That's it! :) Guess I just got lucky. Stick with it, though. There's more than one out there!

  3. You're well rid of that one for sure! :¬(


  4. Surely you've got to catch a break soon!

    Hmmm....maybe there's some super hot guy at the place to fix your truck's air conditioner. :)

  5. Clearly, you need to start fishing in a different hole! The catches your getting aren't fit for company and need to be tossed back in the hole!

    Glad you ditched him and ditched him quick! I'd suggest volunteering at places that interest you--like the animal shelter or 4-H places, maybe go to a nearby music or arts festival or museum. You never know who you might run into. At the very least, you'll be doing something fun for you.

  6. Jeez, drunky, smoker, liar? NEXT!

  7. What a complete pillock. As the girls say, kick him to the kerb.

  8. Yow! What a harrowing story! Okay, then. Next. Wish I had a magic wand. I'd wave it and, poof...

  9. Well he missed out on a great woman. Maybe you dumping him will cause him to rethink his behaviour. At least you won't be dealing with his issues.

  10. Best off out of it. I know the type.


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