Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sleeping in...

I didn't have to get up early for work today.

I have the day off.

Ahhhhh..... I get to sleep until I wake up on my own. *happy sigh*


Pips has officially relinquished the title of That Damn Cat and has handed the crown to Lila.

I woke, jolted out of bed, by the house alarm going off at just before 7:00 a.m. Flying down the stairs, wrestling into my house coat and trying not to trip and kill myself, I screech to a halt in front of the keypad for the alarm and disable it.

Then I survey the house to see what's happened.

The door is closed and locked. The patio door is intact. All windows are intact. The dog is standing in the middle of the livingroom with her tail between her legs. Pips comes up from the basement and starts chirping at me.

Lila is nowhere to be seen.

The only thing out of place is a hard plastic coffee cup that I take in my lunch kit. It is on the kitchen floor, obviously pushed off by some meandering feline who was where she ought not to be. I have ceramic tile floors. Pair that with the crash of hard plastic and a glass breakage detector with the house alarm and you get.....

WOOOOWOOOOOWOOOOOWOOOOWOOOOOWOOOOOOWOOOOOWOOOOO.... ad nauseum until the alarm is shut off. The alarm company calls... I tell them all is okay, the cat knocked something onto the floor.

Good thing I don't have police service too. I would get charged for each false alarm, because the cops would have been dispatched.

I'm sure they wouldn't be impressed when I held up that blue eyed devil and a purple cup as the culprits.


  1. You could have told them it was a cat burglar... :D

  2. Ja, that'll wake you up in the morning!

    Hope you can catch a nap later today. With Lila's permission, obv.

  3. XL: Thankfully, I had gone to bed by 11:00 last night so had plenty of sleep. Lila hid out in my room last night, though, and jumped on me just as I was settling into the bed.... then gave me kitty kisses before I shooed her out of the room!

  4. I love the way cats seemingly vanish when something goes awry. When I had three cats, all would be waiting for me in the vestibule when I returned from work. On those days when none were present, I KNEW I'd find something amiss. Never failed.

    I hope you're feeling better.

  5. We have natural burglar alarms called dogs. If they don't work, the piano wire will get 'em. And, as a failsafe, there's Martha. I just sleep away as comfortable as a bedbug, knowing I'm safe.

  6. One of our single friends recently told us she was awakened in the night by a sound... it sounded like some animal was under the house or in the walls. Then she started to worry that someone was trying to jimmy the window open. She was just about to call the police when she noticed that she still had the computer on... open to the live feed of the Owl Cam we posted about recently. The cam also has a live audio feed. That was the source of her intruder... baby owls scratching around in their nest. She was soooo close to calling the cops - that would have been funny.

  7. So tell me gorgeous... how long did you stand there in just your pants before you thought of me and the Map man?

    Ahhhh go on, you know you did!

  8. i had no idea those glass breakage alarms were so sensitive! *sigh* thanks for the tip! xoxoxo

    LOL@jimmy, but knowing he's probably right! ;~D xoxox


    I never cease to be amazed by the noises caused by an over-active pussy. :¬)


  10. No alarm here. There's nothing to steal either.

  11. haha nice one Helga, cat burglar! Poor kittykins. I wish it was only a cat waking me up; babies seem to like early mornings too. Much more than I do. :(

  12. Jonas: They are dead give-aways, aren't they! And I'm fine now, thank you for asking.

    Charlie: My dog never barks but I don't think anyone would get out if they ever got in...

    Robert: I've been watching that a bit! It's cool but yeah, I could see how that would be freaky in the middle of the night! lol

    Jimmy: Pants? There were no pants... I sleep nekkid as a jay bird, honey!

    Savannah: Welcome... they're useful but a pain in the ass. Second time a cat knocking something down has set it off in the middle of the night...

    Map: Cats aren't all stealth.... but they are lovely to snuggle up with... ;-)

    Mago: The alarm came with the house. I figure being female and single it was a good thing to continue.

    Stace: Elspeth with be growing out of the waking early thing soon, don't you worry! In a few short years you'll be yelling at her to get out of bed so she won't be late for school!

  13. Well, at least you know the alarm works!

  14. There's no doubt about it: cats rule. I had two for 14 years. They outlived every girlfriend I had. Girls would come and go but they would always be there when I got home from work.

  15. It's enough to make you go back to work for a rest.


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