Friday, 2 April 2010

Signs of Spring

Spring is a time of renewal. A time of growth and expansion.

Today, here in Winnipeg, we are having a bit of a rain storm... and this year's first rumblings of thunder rolled across the sky moments ago. It is early afternoon and the soft grey atmosphere whips and roils, controlled by the howling winds that are gusting up to a blustery 90 kph. The leafless trees dance erratically, thankful of having no leaves to be stripped off in this gale.

Light rain is splattering about, with the occasional interspersement of sleet that clatters sharply against the window panes.

My presence was required out in the yard this morning as Zoë scooted out to have her morning pee, eyes darting fearfully skyward. The neighbour's tiny steel ornamental wheelbarrow (sized for a 3 year old, I swear!) was tossed about by a gust just as she was going to squat. That was all it took to send the 100 lb chicken skittering back towards the house. *sigh* She is such a wimp. There won't be a walk today... Aside from the fact that I don't really want to get battered by the wind and rain while outside, the dog will have mini heart attacks the entire time so I'd rather not subject either of us to that torture.

The geese are back and flying overhead in greater numbers, heading north to the lakes and marshes. Pairs of chirping birds flit and careen through the tree branches, mating rituals in place, choice nest sites battled over and mates vied for. Even the little red squirrels are chittering about and chasing one another in horny abandon.

There are daffodils and tulips sprouting in my garden, although the rabbits have feasted on some of the daffodils already. Not sure if they managed to get down to the buds, but all the rest are intact and growing nicely. A little colour splashed about the blackness of the bare soil and the brownness of the dead grass will liven things up a tad. The trees are starting to show thickening buds in anticipation of the spring greening.

This is a time of renewal for me as well. I have just undertaken the beginnings of an exercise program to change the shape that I am. Aside from aches and pains from old injuries, I am actually quite healthy, with no problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or the like. I've never been a smoker so my lungs are in tiptop shape (that ought to draw a comment or two...); I don't drink much so my liver is the picture of health. My issue is a very healthy appetite and a penchant for sitting perched in front of this machine, wandering through the ether. The removal of my gall bladder 1 1/2 years ago has compounded that by allowing my body to sequester too much of my food intake into various nooks and crannies about the old bod.

As soon as the street cleaners have removed all the sand and gravel from the roads, my bicycle will be out of the shed and ready to roll. There are miles of bike trails (on the streets but marked) in the city and a nearby provincial park has lovely trails through forests and fields. I do believe an armband for my iPod is in order soon, to accommodate traveling music. I have a great need to work hard, breathe deeply and generate a good sweat.... in minimal clothing with the sun beating down on my skin.

As with life in general, change is the only constant and that seems to be true in the dating world as well. One that had potential seems to be fading away, due to lack of time, lack of contact and a possible lack of interest. The past sometimes come back to haunt and there is that as well. Although in a slightly different format than before, still the connection and chemistry exist, but the path it will take is unknown at this time.


  1. "in minimal clothing"

    Pix please!!!!

  2. XL: Ha! I woke to snow this morning. Not much, mind you, and it won't last, but those minimal clothing pix will be a while yet... brrrr!

  3. I'm glad to hear Spring is arriving in your part of the world. Enjoy it! It must be quite a sight to see those flocks of birds flying overhead and the critters coming out. It's been a pretty dry, windy week here, but I'm trying to enjoy it because next month, the humidity returns and the temps start climbing to uncomfortably hot levels.

    A bike ride sounds fun!

  4. I'm hungry, too ... all the time it seems. And my old Zoe was cool in windstorms as is Coco (good thing as we had a whopper here on the west coast yesetrady) but Zappa, my Australian Shepherd, got so stressed I actually had to sedate him.

  5. Spring is overrated in my opinion:; I LOVE summer... the warm days (and minimal clothing as well) and BBQ - how I love BBQ. It's coming, I can feel it.

  6. "An Ode to Spring". by Ponita. I like your version ten times more than all the sappy poets who make me gag (even without putting my finger down my throat).

    Lettuce say you are poetry in motion—and Zoe is not.

  7. Eros: Spring's rather undecided, it seems. Record breaking warm temps last week, then snow this weekend, and the temps are slowly warming up again. *sigh* Very unsettled. The bike will be resurrected soon. That is my Easter bit... no more, no less!

    Andrea: My Zoë gets worried but not so stressed as Zappa! Yikes!

    Robert: I love summer too but you have to slog through spring to get there, unfortunately. Once I get my BBQ completely assembled, it will BBQ season here year round. ;-)

    Charlie: Zoë actually likes lettuce... ;-)

    And thanks. Glad my version is a bit peppier. I get enough gagging at work... don't need any here too.


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