Friday, 9 April 2010

Random Ramblings on a Day Home

I'm home from work today, not feeling so hot... which is a bummer as I have a 'meet and greet' tonight and I'd damn well better feel up to going out for a couple of drinks!

Hopefully, this feeling of blah and weakness and tiredness will pass quickly. I don't often get sick. I hate getting sick. I dislike colds and coughs and such, but if I get the stomach flu and have to puke, I get really pissed off! I had surgery on my stomach a few years ago to correct a non-functioning sphincter (the one that stops the back splash of acid up the esophagus) and so throwing up is an ordeal. It takes me longer than the usual person. Which means that horrible wave of nausea and the cold sweats drag on....

It sucks.

But at least I have no nausea right now. And I'd better not get any either!

But since I am home from work and not quite ready for another nap, I thought I'd fling a few random ramblings up on the screen. For your perusal. Or not. As the case may be. Hope I don't bore you all to death...

It has come to be that Lila, that gorgeous blue eyed, chocolate and cream fluff that is on the verge of her first birthday (on the 27th) is a mental case. She really dislikes being picked up. She often hisses at me when I finish clipping her claws or brushing her. And with a long coat, brushing is not optional. No matter what she may think! She leaps on my back any time I bend over... putting on my shoes, brushing my teeth, picking something up off the floor... And when she's on my back, she digs in her claws and starts biting my clothes! So then I have to either stand up and hope she jumps off with minimal damage to me, or reach back and hope I can grab her. She has figured that one out (she ain't stupid, that's for sure) and moves just out of reach. Damn cat!

But she is highly entertaining, that I must say. She bolts around the house, plays well by herself, and carts her toys all over the place, to play in different locations. Of course, she also plays with things that are not her toys, such as the bar of soap in the bathroom. Many times I have heard it clunk to the floor... and she tries to lick it if it has just been used and is sudsy. Weirdo.

She's a hoot when on my bed. I will wrestle with her, my hand playing with her feet. And what does she do? Oh yes, the usually kicking and grabbing with her paws (which is one reason I keep those claws clipped... the furniture is the other) but she grabs the blanket in her mouth. Or the rabbit fur ear muff cover that has become a toy (because they were useless as ear muffs - poor design). Or my sleeve. And holds it there. And if it starts to come out, she uses a front paw to stuff it back in. Again, I say... weirdo!

She often loses toys under the stove (those little balls with bells inside fit nicely under there) and she'll lie on the floor with her paw under the stove and meow at me. It is then my job to fish the thing out and chuck it into the living room so she can play again.

When I say her name sternly as I can see she's about do do something she shouldn't, she squinches up her face and says, 'meh.' She knows....

She eats anything, including vegetables, dog food and any people food she can snag. I have to be careful what I leave on the counter in the kitchen or briefly on a table in the living room. She's already dumped a full glass of milk all over the end table, including three remotes and two book... and the carpet.

Thank goodness Pips is a snuggle bunny. Otherwise I would be slowly dying from lack of kitty snuggles. The dog likes to snuggle too, but a 100 lb slobbering weight is a bit much for my lap. And my clothes... She gets to lie on the floor, with belly rubs and scratches liberally dispensed.

The dating thing is weird too. I have a meet and greet tonight. I'm on the dating site right now and in the past 20 minutes, ten men have looked at my profile. Not a word from any other them. And most of them are familiar faces... they've looked at me before. Why are men such chickens? I've emailed plenty and more often than not get no response. Whatever...

My dislike of tea has been reaffirmed. I am working on trimming down and to that end, have eliminated hot chocolate from my repertoire of beverages. So I have been trying tea. Black tea is just bitter, even with sweetener in it. Rooibos isn't too bad... it's red tea. But still. I do have a preference for chocolate and sweet, and no tea is that. Oh well. I am sure I'll get used to it.... Maybe.

Spring appears to have arrived. Temperatures are in the teens now (Celsius of course... this is the land of metric, after all) and flowers are poking through the dirt in the garden. Trees are budding and birds are bouncing off my living room window now that mating season is in full swing. I'm sure I will find a carcass or two soon. The cats have heart attacks every time that happens. The big blue spruce in the front yard is experiencing major avian traffic and when I open the window, the cats are fascinated. Pips used to be a barn cat and has hunted in the past but it has been almost 2 years since she became a housebound city dwelling cat. She bolts out the door once in a while and I have to go retrieve her. She'd get run over in a flash here and I won't let that happen. Lila, on the other hand, has only ever seen birds through the window. She just goes insane when the window is open! Standing up with her paws on the screen, meowing and chittering away, running back and forth along the chest that sits in front of the window as their perch.

Soon I will get my bike out of the shed, clean the chain and get it all greased up. Inflate the tires. And then wait for the street cleaners to get rid of all the gravel and sand. I hate riding on that stuff... way too easy to wipe out if you have to make a sudden move because of some inattentive drive. Or one who's just a plain jerk...

I have the brackets to finish the assembly of the BBQ too. They are sitting on the bookshelf by the front door. Another thing to do that I just haven't gotten around too. That's a minor chore, so maybe I will do that today. Then I can hook up the tank and actually use the BBQ that I purchased 1 1/2 years ago....

Right. I have to get off this machine now. My hands are going numb... carpal tunnel does that when you use them too much... Besides I think I need something to eat and then a nap. A cat nap... Perhaps Lila will join me. I know for certain that Pips will. My lap is her favourite place.


  1. Hope you're feeling good enough to meet himself later. Talk soon. :¬)


  2. Holy Jaysus woman, is it the breath that you ever stop for? This post is that long that I had to stop twice, once to walk th dog, the other to have a shave.

    All this talk of yis laying on the bed and licking frothy things has brought on a terrible thirst for masel. So it's a glass I'll raise to your 'meet and greet' the night, and good luck in snagging wan of them there Canadian gentlemen with your charm and your wit, but sadly not your dicky sphincter.

    It might be an idea not to bring that up on the first date. (pardon the pun)

    Give us a wee phone if yis fire up the BBQ, I like mah square sausages well done, and mah chicken still sticky. And for the love of all things holy, don't be asking the seal clubbers if they wannae come hame and look at your furry things.

  3. It sounds like everyone at Chez Ponita has Spring Fever! And the birds too!

  4. In answer to your question: "Why are men such chickens?"

    1. Fear of rejection.
    2. They are married but representing themselves as single (cheating).
    3. Fear of rejection.

  5. Jimmy is hilarious, Robert is skeptical, you're all over the place, and I'm off to see Dr. Potty this afternoon. There you have it, the news for Friday, April 9, 2010.

    I'm sure you'll look and feel gorgeous tonight, a credit to femininity.

    And about these meet and greets. Does everyone bring a fishing net with them to stake their claim?

  6. Map: Seem to be improving as the day wears on. Not sure how long I will last tonight, but should be okay for the meet and greet. Thanks! xoxo

    Jimmy: You'll find any excuse for a drink!!! And what the hell is a square sausage??? And you should be one to talk about long posts... you're rather verbose at times too, my dear. No to worry about the seal clubbers... they are about 3000 kms away from here. I am nowhere near the east coast ice flows. The BBQ may well be fired up tomorrow. Why don't you bring Siobhan and I'll throw some Bison on the grill?

    XL: Me included... ;-)

    Robert: Like us women don't have fear of rejection too??? The married ones are usually the ones who send explicit emails looking for sex... I've had my share of those.

    Charlie: I have a lovely eclectic bunch of commentors, don't I?!! Dr. Potty, eh... hope that all goes well. No fishing net here, but I do keep a little knife in my pocket to cut the line if I happen to haul up a bottom feeder or a shark...

  7. Lila's nearly a year old?! It doesn't seem like five minutes since she was a kitten!

    Hope you're feeling well soon!!

  8. A square sausage is a meaty treat of real taste, and is usually only to be found amongst those of a Scottish disposition.

    Unlike those of the German variety which are elongated to the point of ridicule, and taste like they have fallen directly fae a hoover bag.

    It's all about good taste hen.

  9. Hey Ponita, haven't commented in a while. Hope you meet a guy worthy of you, but really - they are guys. Miss having kitties, but my exerience is they love the plastic 'ring' from the top of the milk carton, don't know if they come that way up there. If I could get it off in one piece my kitties would chase them around the floor for hours. Well, until they ended up under the fridge or stove...

  10. Have you tried British builders tea?
    How was the meet and greet?

  11. I always suspected that they made the wrong stuff hot and called it tea ... hope you had a nice evening?

  12. silver tip tea (white tea) - very weak - you must be able to see the bottom of the (porcelain) cup - no milk, sugar if you must. Don't do SB's builders' Tea unless you want to melt your best silver and your tooth enamel. SB how could you!

    Hope you felt better enough to go on your M&G!

    Men just are, chicken.

  13. I like tea--I prefer iced tea really sweet. Hot tea I can drink with or without milk, really sweet, too; and they're great for dunking buttered crackers or buttered toast!

    I hope you're feeling better, and hopefully your crazy cat takes it easy on you for a day or two :)

  14. Its John Wayne coffee where the spoon melts or nothing for me, who wants to see the bottom of the mug before time?

  15. You don't like tea?! There's nothing like a cup to get you going in the morning. Try PG Tips.

  16. Tim: I know! She all growed up now!

    Jimmy: I looked it up and found some recipes... may make some square sausage myself one of these days. Sounds delicious!

    And it should always be about good taste, shouldn't it...

    HoodChick: Hey! Nice to see you back! I've had cats in my life continuously since I was seven... Don't think I could live without them. The guy thing? Well, we'll see how that goes. ;-)

    Scarlet: Have never seen nor heard of British Builder's tea... might not be available here. I just tried a spiced chai today that wasn't too bad sweetened up a bit. I like the spices. The meet and greet went very well, thank you! He's cooking me dinner tomorrow evening. :-)

    Mago: I think you are right... and the evening was lovely, thank you!

    zIggI: May give white tea a try... I have seen that here. Yes I went on the M&G and felt fairly normal by then. Had a lovely few hours talking and have a couple of drinks and eating chicken wings at a local lounge. This one doesn't seem like a chicken... but sometimes that comes out later. Cross your fingers for me?

    Eros: I love iced tea sweet too! And the cat won't take it easy until she's about 12 or so, I figure. ;-)

    Mago: Blah! Don't like strong coffee... and only like it half and half with hot chocolate! Yeah, I know I am a sissy coffee drinker! lol

    Mark: No, I don't... but then I am not a Brit either! Or Scottish, or Irish... I don't think Vikings were tea drinkers... What does the PG stand for?


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