Sunday, 4 April 2010

It's hot, it's sunny; the deep blue expanse of water stretches out to the horizon ahead of me. I've a good grasp of the handles on this inflatable ring thingie as I speed across the water, bouncing gleefully over the little waves.

Ahead of me, another rider boinks along as speed, zooming towards the large boat that sits bobbing on the water. I don't know who it is... they are too far away to tell, but I am fast approaching as my rate of zoom is obviously quicker than theirs.

It's gorgeous out on the water... The salt spray is just cool enough to cut the heat of the sun. I've got my shades on, and the wind whips my hair back as I race along, a big grin plastered on my face.

As I approach the other rider, I notice it's a she... but can't see a face. I notice flashes of red and white under the water around her... like colourful dolphins keeping up with her speed beneath the surface.

Red and White? Dolphins don't come in red and white. Wait a minute... they look like people... they have arms and legs... how can they swim that fast? And where are their air tanks if they are scuba divers?

Just as those thoughts passed through my mind, several red and white shapes reached out and yanked her under the water.

Gone... in an instant. No inflatable bobbing to the surface, no swimmer splashing about in the water.

Nothing. Just.... nothing.

No one but me saw. We were too far away from the boat to even see shapes of people on it. I was still zooming along towards the boat. It was then that I began to wonder how... I had no motor on this thing. There was nothing towing me...

I quickly drew my feet up from the edge of the inflatable... I sucked in a huge gasping breath as I saw red and white shapes darting to surround me... keeping pace... somehow not even wiggling their legs or arms as they swam. No... it was like they were flying under the water.

My knuckles blanched to white as I gripped the handles tighter. Several red arms reached upwards and I felt the inflatable... and me... pulled into the water.

As the water slammed over my head, I opened my mouth in a vain attempt to draw one last breath...

Fully expecting to inhale the ocean, I sucked in a huge lungful of air and feebly warbled, "gaaaaaaaahhhh..."

I lay gasping in my bed, hoping the neighbours didn't hear me. Turning to look at the clock, I saw that it was barely after 5 a.m. and the sky was just beginning to lighten. I flung myself out of bed to go to the bathroom and pee... and to wipe the sweat off my face.

I hate those kinds of dreams...


  1. Since it's Passover, I'm guessing that it was Pharaoh's army trying to pull you under!

  2. Was I in some oceanic version of 'The Mummy'? Well, if Dwayne Johnson is in it, I am so there!!!! *flings self back into bed and closes eyes tightly*

  3. I am always fascinated by my dreams and the dreams people tell me about. We have thousands of thoughts in any given instant, but our cognitive brain sorts and orders and keeps them all in context as we function normally every day. But the sleeping brain is freed of rational restrictions placed on thought be consciousness... and I both perplexed and delighted in what our freely associating brains conjure up.

    Why is it that only in a dream we can know, for example, that we are in our home but it doesn't look anything like our real home? And how does the sleeping brain create all these "extras"; distinctly recognizable people but unlike anyone we have met ever in real life? Or red and white dolphin-people moving under water as fast as you... you moving but with no source of propulsion.

    Even more remarkable that you remembered such an elaborate dream; most fade from memory quickly after awakening... as if the brain KNOWS that it created a fanciful fantasy that it does not want to get accidentally cataloged as a real memory.

    I love that the human brain can be so creative outside our day to day consciousness. That was a pretty cool dream!

  4. Welcome to my world doll face.

  5. wow! now that was a dream, sugar! xoxoxo

  6. Robert: I generally don't remember dreams, good or bad. Not sure why this one stuck in my head but I did write it down fairly soon after waking. The mind does amazing things, doesn't it?

    Jimmy: Oh hon... I don't like this world... and I wish it wasn't yours either. Not fun, not fun...

    Savannah: Wow is right... what a way to wake up! xoxoxo

  7. Do not dream very often. If I remember it is because it was intense. If this is the case for you too, I hope it will fade quickly.

  8. What a vivid dream! I think your body and mind are trying to tell you something: Take some time off to enjoy yourself! You've definitely been busy, so take care of yourself and have a day off soon where you only do the things that are fun for you!

  9. You write so well that I thought this was an opening to a fantasy or apocalyptic novel. Hey, that's an idea for all your spare time . . .

  10. Mago: Apparently, we all dream every night but just don't remember them. Yes it was intense, but yes, it has faded too... thanks!

    Eros: Well, I've just had two days off of doing not too terribly much, so maybe that will help. :-)

    Charlie: Wow... thanks! I've toyed with the idea of writing a story of some kind... Maybe something to do when I retire.

  11. Hello my dear. How are you?

  12. I usually like going to sleep...I dream every night and with my silly, vivid imagination, it's like going to the movies. :)

    And yet, I know the kind of dreams you're talking about! Disturbing, make your heart beat out of your chest while you try to wake up and figure out where you are.

    I find it comforting to blame it on something weird I ate before sleeping. ;)

    Sweet dreams!


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