Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around

When I brought Pips home last summer, after she quit all the hissing and growling at BB, she commenced to torment him mercilessly by jumping on him and chasing him. Now, BB hates contact when playing. He'll do the running and chasing thing, just don't tackle him or touch him. This will cause him to yell and scream and run away. (He is such a wimp! Especially since he outweighs Pips by a good 3 lbs.))

It often sounds like there is a one-sided cat fight in my house around midnight. Pips is rarin' to play and BB wants none of it. So I end up yelling at Pips, and sometimes resorting to the squirt bottle of water I have on hand for disciplinary purposes.

Now that Lila is a member of the household, it seems the tables have turned. Hee hee! I am taking great delight in watching this. And Lila is only eight weeks old... just wait till she is fully grown and able to really take on Pips.

Then we'll see who screams and runs!

Actually, I have a feeling that Pips will really welcome a larger Lila to play with... one who will wrestle and run with her. Pips is not quite over the 'who the hell are you' hissy fits... almost but not quite.


  1. Let me be the first person not to make a pussy joke on this post!

    I've a hunch that Map will crack and have to say something.

  2. @Jimmy: I would expect at least one of you to say something...

  3. What a nice video of some lovely animals having some fun.

    Who am I kiddin'?

    Small pussy beats big pussy!

  4. Ahhh... I really like your pet clips, and this reminded me of how my dog and cat used to play. The cat always won against the German Shepherd. Bless 'em.
    Had to say goodbye to my cat last week. But have happy memories.

  5. i LOVE it! how adorable she is, sugar. i love how the dog just ignored her! xoxoxo

    (i thought for sure one of the boys would make the old pussy v new pussy joke!)

  6. hehe. She caused a lot of mischief in 19 seconds!

  7. Ha! I knew my oul pal would not be able to resist.

  8. I luv how the dog is so unfazed by the cat shenanigans! That is one cool, laid back dog!

  9. You'ld expect nottin' less Jimmy!

  10. @Map: See? I knew it... ;-)

    @Scarlet: Aw... I am so sorry! Big hugs. It's too bad their lives are so much shorter than ours, isn't it? But yes, I am sure you have lots of great memories.

    @Savannah: Yeah, the dog is one cool cookie when it comes to the cats. She's afraid of the rest of the world, but the cats don't phase her one iota!

    (Um... Map kinda made a joke... small beats big...)

    @XL: She creates havoc the entire time she's awake. I just don't tape it all! ;-)

    @Jimmy: You had him pegged right... I knew one of you two would say something...

    @Eros: Zoë is wonderful with the cats. Lila has run over her repeatedly and she doesn't even lift her head off the floor!

    @Map: ... from either of you! :-P

  11. What an adorable kitten! How sweet of you to take another one on. I am about to introduce my cat to my boyfriend's cat, I hope they don't hate each other!

  12. @Laurie: Make sure you give them time. It takes several weeks ( usually) for cats to adjust to each other. And sometimes they only end up tolerating each other and don't become buddies. Good luck!


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