Thursday, 25 June 2009

For Mapstew and Jimmy...


  1. He's got a great voice and singing style; much better than those opera tenors!

  2. Hey 'Pony-doll' (as Jimmy would say), you are so nice to think of us! I am a big Josh Groban fan.

    You are such a lady, and I think Helen and you would have been friends, had you both met. You remind me so much of her.

    Much love my dear friend.

  3. Eros: Doesn't he, though! I have enjoyed his music since he first came on the scene.

    Map: Oh, honey, if Helen was remotely like you, I can assure you we would have been great friends! Lots of love to you, dear Map... you're a very special man.

  4. ...a heart of gold hen, a heart of gold so you have. x

  5. Jimmy: Just showing that I care... I hope you and your family are okay. ~hugs~ xoxo


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