Sunday, 7 June 2009

Just because...

For no reason, other than I love her voice....


  1. Oh, I love that song :) She does have an awesome voice :)

  2. This is a favourite of Eldest Teenager.

  3. Och... it hasnae made the crossing to my side. I'll take your word for it though.

  4. @Stace: Doesn't she, though? :-)

    @Map: She has excellent taste! xoxo

    @Jimmy: Did you play the video? It's a great listen....

  5. Hi Ponita,

    Love the piano and strings in this song. I'm not familar with this artist but she does have a beautiful voice and I love those eyes.

    Hugs and thanks Ponita,


  6. @The U: She's got those piercing blue eyes and a haunting voice.... doesn't she?

    Hugs back to you and you are most welcome. :-)

  7. I remember this song. I liked some of this group's music. Her voice plus the rock band makes for a great fusion! A lot of people are great singers; very few are truly gifted and talented.

  8. It was Son who got me listening to Evanescence. It made quite a nice change from me forcing him to listen to my stuff (granted he likes most of the stuff I do, although he hates having to admit it!).

    It also made a change from Eminem, but let's not go there ...


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