Saturday, 13 June 2009

Odds and Sods

Aw! Cute baby bunny seen out the window in the front garden.
Do you think 'salad' when you look at this picture?

Pips is thinking, "Yes! RABBIT FOOD!"

Devil cat....

So not a good place to fall asleep! LMAO!!!


  1. The 1st pix explains the 2nd.

    The 4th pix explains the 3rd!

  2. too cute! but better at your house than mine! xoxo

  3. @XL: You're very good at figuring these things out. ;-)

    @Savannah: All the time at my house... I must be nuts! xoxo

  4. I must be getting soft in my oul age, but I'm starting to care more for animals than people these days.

    Next stop the pillow will be over the face, and the kids will be dividing up the loot.

  5. Great pics! That's so cool you still have wildlife right in your front yard. That's funny about the sleeping cat. Kitty must've found the coziest spot in the house.

  6. @Jimmy: You're not getting soft, hon.... Animals are a lot more honest than most people, they don't have ulterior motives, and they are just easier to like! :-)

    @Eros: There are tons of rabbits around here, as well as owls and bald eagles... and, unfortunately... skunks.

    Lila was wrestling with Zoë's tail and just dozed off there. My girlfriend took some great shots today of Lila passed out cold in my lap... when I get them, I will post them... they are hilarious!

    Kittens are just so much fun! Work, too, but tons of fun.

  7. The truth of life is in watching animals. The cat photos are great.

    I came via Pam's blog in Australia.

  8. @Barbara Martin: Welcome! Yes, what you say is very true. They don't hide their emotions, even when they are being sneaky. lol!

    All we have to is learn to read their body language and all is understood. :-)

  9. Looking at the first picture I was wondering what kind of animal that would be? A squirrel? When I learned that it is a kind of rabbit I thought of, well, "Sonntagsbraten" ... sunday-roast, sorry ...

  10. We had lots of rabbits when we were kids.
    Usually on Sundays.

  11. With killer looks like hers, Devil Cat can pretty much get away with anything.

  12. I love the graininess of the 4th pic. It almost makes it look like a painting.

  13. @Mago: Nothing to be sorry for... I have eaten rabbit, but it usually comes from the grocery, not the garden. ;-)

    @Map: I have an excellent Italian recipe for rabbit... have made it several times.

    @Jonas: The cute ones always get away with everything, don't they!? :-D

    @Anna: I took that one with no flash, hence the texture. I didn't want to wake her and it was evening, so even with lights on in the room, it was a bit dim.

  14. That last picture is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. I hate to say it, but I agree that animals can be so much easier to like than people...

  15. @Leah: I actually had to move her after I took the picture. The dog is noted for pretty vicious farts and I didn't need Lila gassed just a few days after bringing her home! :-P


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