Monday, 7 May 2018

Thirsty Bird

Walking back from the grocery store, I stopped to watch this crow drink from a tiny puddle. It was 30C at the time and the sun was hot. We have had a very dry spring this year and I am sure the birds drink from any source they can find. I was only about 10' away from the bird while it was drinking. My presence did nothing to deter this thirsty bird.


  1. Some birds get very 'tame'! The pot holes are so big here, and the rain so persistent, that our birds rarely get thirsty. And when the starlings are here they use my pond as a giant bird bath - when they're back, at the end of the year, I'll try to get some footage. Also, the swallows are returning - they put on some spectacular air shows!

  2. The problem here in the summer is standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitos! It has to be a water feature that constantly moves the water or somebody has to put fresh water in daily! I'm guessing that the fact we're on a marsh keeps the birds hydrated. xoxo

  3. Cool vid! Seeing that crow drink from a puddle makes me feel sorry for the crow, and it has eased by rage at the birds who visit the tree out front and then crap on my car. After I just washed the car last night!!!!!! But they're birds doing what comes naturally. Now I just need to put out water and food for the local stray and pet encourage them to do what comes naturally: Hunt and eat birds!

  4. I have 2 crows at work (we have 5.5 acres) and they look at me each morning as if I should've requested permission to be on their property. :) Nice work.

  5. Cool! We had nice weather the weekend so I lit a fire in the firepit Friday night. A Robin kept us company for most of the evening, feeding on insects. (There's a nest in the ivy on my fence.) There was enough rain today to keep all the thirsty birds Happy for some time.


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