Sunday, 6 May 2018

Rummaging about

Spring has seen a mass influx of common grackles to these parts. They eat a lot of insects and anywhere there is leaf litter (like my front yard... I haven't raked that up yet), the birds can be found scratching through the leaves looking for bugs.

Pips and I watched this guy out the front screen door. I got a few still shots, and shortly after I started filming, he very rudely walked off the stage.

I mean, really... how rude!


  1. Supermodels are so temperamental! What a diva!

    Love the pics and vid! What a gorgeous shade of purple on that fearless, fierce bird!

  2. Have you seen a Grackle roosting area? Around here, they tend to gather in the evening by the hundreds in selected trees or power lines. They chatter loudly until they settle in for the night.

  3. I am going to have to get my camera out.... though they always walk out on me as well.

  4. Even when they get haughty, filming all the wild life around us is rather calming, isn't it? Compared to everything else going on, right? *massive sigh* xoxox


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