Thursday, 9 February 2012

Discover 100% delighted

"It is possible to unlock iPhone 4 discover 100 % delighted by the skills delivered by your entire iPhone carrier. To include now this apart, you'll don’t require being technician experience."

I think not...

The spammers have caught up with me and their comments, if you can call them that, are getting closer to current posts.

So, unfortunately, I have to institute word verification again. I hope this doesn't cause any problems... Mago? You will let me know if it does?

Can't they bloody well leave my blog alone?


  1. I never thought word verification was a big deal. Who complains about it?! Sometimes it can be entertaining.

  2. UB: It's not a big deal, except when it prevents someone from commenting. Mago uses wordpress and has had issues with blogs on blogger that use word verification. Technical incompatibilities?

  3. Map: Exactly!! I need a bouncer at the door... ;-)

  4. We all need bouncers on the door! Would you like to borrow Mr Beastie? Just the sight of him seems to be a deterrant.

  5. I have faith all will be well:)

  6. I'm getting more too, but blogger seems to catch them in the spam thing.

    I'm cool with word verification.

    Your book is in the mail! :-)

  7. Like Boxer, my Blogger spam thing seems to catch all of them but the idiot who hates American women. :)

    Maybe Sav knows someone who can create a voodoo doll for spam. :) At least you'd have some thing to take any frustrations out on. ;)

  8. Ahhh now, bouncers on the door is it hen? An eye cast across a crowded room in the direction of those with the divil inside themselves was once a fine payday for those who wore the black about them. These days tis the silkiness of ill gotten luxury that defines the man who once raised fists but now raises himself only to break the violence of wind.

    I have my eye cast about me over those who still raise the corners of a man and his mouth, of which you will always remain wan.

  9. Scarlet: Will I have to install Febreeze sprayers at the door too? ;-)

    Pat: I'll make sure it is!

    Boxer: The spam filters does get them, but I hate that they show up in my email inbox, so I felt it necessary to take steps to block them. It's such a pain!!! And thanks for the book. I am looking forward to it!

    Hope: A spamming voodoo doll! I bet Savannah would make a killing if she started selling those! Ha!!

    Himself: JIMMY!!!!! If you're gonna break wind, please do it outside the door. Where the hell have you been, man!?!? Your presence is sorely missed. Please drop by much more often, okay? You do more than raise the corners of my mouth, my friend... I break into a wide grin! I raise my glass to you (even if it is only 8:30 in the morning). :-D

  10. Boxer said this weekend is your birthday so I am here to add good wishes to the long list of others.
    Happy Birthday, Ponita! May it be a wonderful day, followed by many, many more.


  11. Happy birthday, Ponita! Proud to share a birthday with you. Hope you enjoy your day - any way you choose to :)


  12. Birthday?

    Happy Birthday, my dear!


    And Jimmys ghost comes along too! Undestructible old f... ah sorry.

    I can comment with wv and name/url, but not with wv and wordpress-id. So all is well. When the spam attacks get worse we will find another solution. Or maybe use a safeword ...

  13. i can't say, but i know people who know people who can help... ;~)

    and again? Himself has shown up? i am waiting for a visit...i have so much good news he hasn't a clue!


  14. Ugh. Bloody spammers.

    I had my blog up for 12 hours and I got two e-mail requests!

  15. Spam, obnoxious comments, advertisements. I'm not sure what people get out of being one of those people, you know?



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