Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Weaning, sand and kitty cleaning

From wearing my sling, that is.

Nothing to do with breasts or milk or anything like that.

Although I do have breasts... And milk... (in the fridge).

But no, I am now allowed to forego wearing the much hated but entirely necessary sling that kept my arm from moving around when it shouldn't. Today was the first day I went out in public without it. Yes, I felt a bit naked, and I was very conscious of what my arm was doing all the time. Can't have it getting ideas of its own and moving around or anything like that.

Because it would hurt. Big time! I know because I have occasionally forgotten that I can't lift it, and have done just that. Or attempted just that. Only it does not lift. It just causes me sudden, intense pain. *sigh* You'd think I would remember after all these weeks. I will continue to wear it in crowded public places for a while as a visual barrier so no one will bump into me, or try and shake my hand. It is still far from a usable arm.

So here in the Centre of the Universe... or make that the Centre of Canada... it is a stupendously warm and sunny week weather-wise. Perfect for the MoS to be on holidays, and perfect for the kids to be back at school, which makes it absolutely perfect for us to get out and about without hordes of children getting in the way!

They wouldn't get in the way of the balloon ride, which is bright and early Thursday morning. The high for Thursday is 31C/88F, which is above normal for early September.

And Friday will be equally as warm and sunny, which means we are going to spend the day at the beach! Minus the great hordes of school aged persons who normally clutter up the sand in the summer time. Not that they are a bad thing. I just like having a few less people milling about. It's nice to have some space, after all! Given that I have no open wounds any longer (all suture abcess crap is all cleared up), I can go in the water too! Yippee!!! I love the beach and the sand and the water.

This is shaping up to be a lovely week. Because we have to be up way early on Thursday, the MoS is coming to my place tomorrow, bringing a pork tenderloin with him that he put in marinade this evening. Plus, he is making a bread pudding and bringing that as well. I picked up a couple of wonderfully ripe avocados at the store today and will be making guacamole once again. Plus an apricot curried rice to go along with the pork, sweet and spicy and yummy delicious!

I'm going to try an experiment and will be giving the cats baths in the morning. I want to try and reduce the allergens floating about the apartment, and that is one step I've not taken yet. I vacuum and dust and wash things down. I even buy Febreeze Allergen Reducer to spray on all the furniture. It helps. But Mister Allergic still sneezes and itches, so I feed him antihistamines and will now scrub the cats to see if it helps. He thinks I'm crazy, and I am sure the cats will agree with him once they find themselves in the tub, all wet and lathered up, but hey... I like living on the edge!


  1. Yes, baths to also get all the cat spit enzymes off their fur. That may help with the allergies as well.

    I also need to bathe my kitties as well this weekend.

  2. LX: Yes, that's the goal... to wash the cat protein off the cats and hopefully reduce their allergy-inducing-ness. The MoS loves cats but is quite allergic, so I do all I can to lessen the misery he has to endure.

    Although he did say to Pips the other day that he would one day come over in hazmat suit and respirator just so he could pet her!! She 'mrowed' at him, all squinty eyed. I think she liked that idea!

  3. I wish I'd spent summer in Canada. It feels chilly and Autumnal here... but I'm pleased you are on the road to recovery.

  4. I'd never thought of washing the Cat to reduce allergies...

    If she keeps up with peeing everywhere maybe I will as punishment.

    Ms Scarlet and I are clubbing together for tickets. A balloon ride and a day at the beach sounds like just the thing after a crap UK summer and grey, damp start to Autumn.

    Ponita? Ponita? Damn girl you didn't need to slam the door in my face!


  5. Doesn't there always have to be a fly in the ointment? But life's not meant to be perfect. Sounding pretty good tho'.
    Careful of those pesky crowds.

  6. Pon - I have fought inn the military but the thought of giving my wee kitty a bath again frightens the life out of me. Once wet the little furball turns into pure evil...
    good luck.

  7. Scarlet: You should have come here for a few months! It's been lovely. Sorry yours has been crap. :-\

    Roses: That wasn't me! It was the windy... they don't call this place "Windypeg" for no reason! Come on over, girl. You are always welcome! You'll have to sleep on the couch, though. I don't have a spare bed. ;-)

    Pat: It is actually all pretty good. Those pesky ointment flies are a minor annoyance when everything else is going so well!

    SF: Trick to bathing a cat is to clip all their claws, front and back, the day before, so they are disarmed. Mostly they are scared to death and if you have to hang on to the squirmy wet thing by the scruff of the neck, you do. I've bathed many kitties over the years and never been injured. Stay calm, speak reassuringly, and keep a close eye on where the teeth are! ;-)

  8. First, I love hearing your week is shaping up well and hope your trip to the beach (with no kids!) is lovely. I would suggest NOT using Febreeze.. I just think it's full of more chemicals.

    and good luck with the cat bathing. Wow. It's never been a fun thing in my house when we've had to do it.

    Have you tried a netti pot for the allergies?

    and thanks again for the great link to the paper mache blog. The dude lives in my city. Who knew!

  9. Well it's about time you got some sunshine in your life!

    But cat baths...not if you paid me. My Grandma's evil Siamese cat scarred me for life.

  10. Jesus but you've given me SO much material to work with here! (I.Must.Resist!) Thank feck the other fella is on a break! :¬)


  11. I wouldn't try giving a cat a bath with a bum arm, if I were you. You'll need all your strength and balance.


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