Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Will you look at that!?!?

Today is October 13th.
We've had only one frost so far this fall and not a very hard one at that.
So these Cosmos are going crazy with the warm weather and are continuing to blossom.

The seed packet said they got 4' in height. Do you think it lied? Some of these plants are well over 6' tall! They are actually blocking the living room window so the cats have to sit on the upper deck of their cat tree to be able to survey the neighbourhood.
The dog has given up looking out.
She has nothing to climb up on.
She lies in the sunshine and sleeps instead.

The colour variation is beautiful, isn't it? And look at how many buds are still unopened!
If it stays warm for a while longer, I just might have flowers in December!!!
(Yeah... I know... that's wishful thinking.... or is it delusional?)

I just love these!!!


  1. Crazy world!
    We got flowers blooming again, (In IRELAND!) when they should be well dead!

    Nice! :¬)


  2. i'd say it's lovely! xoxoxoxox

  3. It's rainy and cold in Toronto today and beginning to look very fall like. I can't believe you still have all those blooms!

  4. Good heavens! What did you use for fertilizer? Crushed Viagra pills?

  5. Pretty Triffids!!
    Flowers in December? There's wishing!

  6. Map: I guess we must be in the same growing zone!!! xoxoxo

    Savannah: Isn't it, though! The trees are almost naked, but these blooms keep on blooming! xoxoxo

    XL: Thanks!

    Snooze: See, that is what I would have expected for here too. But it is still sunny and dry, although the temps are slowing dropping.

    UB: Um... no fertilizer at all! Just lots of direct sun.

    Scarlet: Oh dear! Triffids!?!?!? If anyone goes missing, we'll know where to look. ;-)

  7. They are gorgeous! Love the color.

    Like you, it's warmer than usual here. [Like where you LIVE, not you personally, she sighed]. Not even a frost yet.

    I'm sure I'll be eating my words soon but I'm ready for REAL autumn weather! Have a great weekend!

  8. What a lovely display. Most things have died in our garden, except the weeds, which are putting up a valiant show even now.


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