Sunday, 24 October 2010

It's not Spring, you know!

Remember about 10 days back, I showed you some photos of the flowers in my front garden?

They seem to have gotten their seasons mixed up.

They continue to grow and blossom with great gusto.

Despite the fact that we've had frost a number of times already since those first photos were taken.

Compare, if you will...

This is from October 13th.

This is from today....

And here you can see the leafless trees in the background,
proving Fall has indeed fallen.

Are they alien life forms? Will they take over the planet? Will they survive the winter to add a splash of colour to the bleak frostiness of our Winnipeg snow? If they did survive the winter, would the rabbits take great delight in nibbling away at their green crispy stalks during the cold days to come?

I really should pull them up soon. The forecast is for rain for the next four days... and given that it's been below freezing at night now with great regularity, the chances of these flowers surviving and not turning into blackened stalks of slime are slim.

But I am loathe to interrupt their valiant flourish in the face of Fall... their piece de resistence, so to speak. Perhaps I will just let them do their thing and see what happens.


  1. I vote that you let them continue to be beautiful. Please. It's the only thing worth voting for right now. :)

  2. The rain will coat them with ice until next spring.

  3. yes, to what hope & mago said! let them brighten up the view for as long as possible, sugar! xoxoxo

  4. Does this mean that they'll perish when the fall comes or will they revive in the spring? No botanist, I.

  5. That just doesn't seem right somehow or other!

  6. Plants experiencing menopausal symptoms?
    good luck

  7. I say enjoy the beauty as long as you can.

    Nature will take its own course.

    Beautiful blossoms.

  8. Hahaha. Rebel flowers. They're sticking it up to The Man.

    I am Fickle Cattle.

  9. Let them keep going until they give in. Much we all should. Hope all well.


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