Saturday, 23 October 2010

Nothing new, really...

There really isn't much going on right now.

Other than work, of course. Which is always busy. Always overtime to be had to pad the bank account a bit. Dialysis is a growth industry, don't you know...

The man thing is in limbo, with a couple of things in the wings but nothing definite, so no details yet.

Since early September, menopausal symptoms have sprung to the forefront, with the onset of major hot flashes and night sweats, which are causing havoc in my life and increasing my water bill tremendously, due to increased laundry and more frequent showers. *sigh*

If this keeps up for much longer, my mattress will rot...

I am on day three of hormone pills in hopes of allaying the severity of said onslaught. So far, they've done nothing. I am going to assume it must build in my bloodstream to a therapeutic level before any action will be noticed.


Sorry... one gets a tad cranky when the power surges occur about 20 times a day and gawd only knows how many times a night.... I sleep with the window cracked open (and night time temps are now below freezing) and the heat vent blocked. I still have to throw off the covers, completely drenched, to fall asleep, only to wake a short time later chipping icicles off my nose and nip... oh never mind. I'm sure you get the picture. In short... it sucks. I'm sleep deprived. I have luggage under my eyes that a family of four could use for an extended vacation.

It's rather embarrassing when patients at work notice the beads of sweat covering my face, my arms, my damp hair. I am constantly mopping sweat from my brow. It's a good thing my reading glasses are on a string around my neck or they would have fallen into many a messy situation. Ew. I don't even want to think about that!

So to lighten the mood, I will force you to look at photos of my girls, all taken today and none photoshopped to hide any imperfections. Because frankly, aside from the dog's drooling, they don't have any. At least not in appearance. Lila's behaviour, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

This is Zoë's attempt at alluring bedroom eyes.
She is in the bedroom, after all.

Lila as.... Sleeve Cat. I think that says it all.

Little Miss Pips... Pretty in Pink.
Doesn't the blanket just match her nose purrfectly?

(Did you notice that the cats are colour coordinated with their 'attire'?)


  1. My medicine does the same thing!

    Wonderful pix of the girls!

  2. And they all get along? The dog doesn't try to eat the cats? That's nice. A happy home.

  3. XL: Oh no! Not you too! :(

    UB: They get along famously! I tried three times to do a link to this post:
    and Blogger would have none of it, so if you copy and paste you can see for yourself the fun Zoë and Lila have playing together. :)

  4. Yikes. I know of what you speak. The bad news for me is that it was intense for 3 months early last spring then just disappeared and I was back to normal all summer, normal cycles and all. Does that mean I get to go through it all again? Please God no.

  5. Andrea: Yeah, more than likely, you will be subjected to another round. Sorrysorrysorry...

  6. You have my sympathy missus. You DO KNOW I live with FOUR women yes? All at various stages in the life cycle, not to mention ..... well, other cycles! :¬)


  7. Map: Thank you for your sympathies, and may I say that you are very brave to be sharing your life with four women!!! No matter what cycle they are in! :-)

  8. I ruled out being a lesbian early because I never wanted to live with anyone having a hormone attack at the same time I was, and that was even before menopause. I never took the supplements, thinking I should just get it all over with. Now I have. I did buy a big Fan On A Stick with a remote control I can whizz on from my bed. I recommend it.

  9. I always said Hubby would be very understanding of um..girl stuff, because he had 3 sisters and an Air Force father sent on TDY alot.

    Then again, that might explain why he loves the outdoors so much. :)

    You have my sympathy with the girl stuff and I loved looking at your kids!

  10. Murr: Welcome! I was hoping to avoid the hormones too, but this has been so bad, I just couldn't stand it! Not so much the sweating during the day but the lack of sleep has been killing me. Have the fan... still didn't do much.

    Hope: Probably the best kind of guy to have... one with lots of sisters! The kids are cute, aren't they? NO, I'm not biased... why would you say that???? ;-)


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