Thursday, 30 September 2010

I'm a happy bunny.

Despite bloodshot eyes that make me look like I have a drinking problem and a nagging cough like a seasoned smoker. The remnants of that nasty cold and sinus infection just don't want to vacate the premises. Infected eyes and a hacking cough do not a pretty picture make. :-\

Despite the hot flashes a gazillion times a day, and always around 4 a.m. that wake me. A bit of online (okay, a lot) research has led to the purchase of wild yam gel (no, that is not a dessert) to attempt alleviation of this hormonal hell. =P

I'm happy for a number of reasons.

I've got a very nice (and yes, funny!) man in my life. I'm enjoying the way things are going.

I have started going to the gym and am determined to get rid of the central pudge that has invaded my clothing. It's been years since I worked out in a gym regularly but it feels like it was just yesterday, only I don't last too long at it yet.

The weather is warm and sunny and beautiful. Hopefully the mowing of the lawn in the next day or so will be the final time this year. But on an even brighter note, the Cosmos that grace my front garden are blooming mightily, swaying a good three feet tall in the autumn gusts, pretty purple heads bobbing in the breeze. It will take a hard frost to kill them. I'm wanting that to be a long ways off.

My bank account is slowly creeping in the upwards direction, so all the overtime I have been putting in at work is starting to show. I'll continue that trend indefinitely because I want some other accounts to creep downwards.

I now have the tools and accessories required to make my computer desk tidy and much more user friendly. Too bad they don't always make them that way to start with. But I have the ability to make it so myself... so I will. There are holes to be drilled, grommets to fit and cables to run. And a couple of cat-proof barriers to devise to keep curious kitty toes away from all thing electrical that do not need any messing with!

All in all... life is good!


  1. it must be something in the air, sugar! i'm redoing a closet to turn into wine cellar of sorts (long story, but it'll work) and then upstairs to finish my office in the bonus room aka finished attic space. xoxoxoxo

  2. I like it when people post about all the drama and complications but it's nice to see a post like this once in a while, too. Glad to hear there's a good wind in your sail

  3. I get the slight feeling that one of my best friends is veh veh happy! :¬)


  4. I'm glad thing are going great for you! Enjoy the sunshine and the flowers just a bit longer.

  5. Pity about the remnants of the bugs, so hope they go soon. Bloodshot is not a good look. Glad to hear things are on the up.


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