Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Along the same vein...

No, I am not shooting up illicit drugs or having IV therapy... just the (almost) same shit as the last post, only a different day.

The cold has morphed into a wicked sinus infection, with eye, ear and throat involvement as well as the sinuses, so I popped in to see my doctor. His opinion concurred with mine and I am now in receipt of a sample bottle of steroid nasal spray and prescription antibiotics. And a note to take today and tomorrow off work. Can't argue with that as my head still feels like it is going to explode whenever I cough, but at least the coughing part is greatly reduced.

And the steroid stuff seems to work pretty quickly, as my nasal passages are already feeling somewhat less congested. Here's hoping to a fast resolution, now that I have forked out major bucks for this stuff!

Nothing like having puffy red eyes that make you look like you've been on a bender for a few days... How attractive. NOT!

My beau rang me up this morning as I was getting ready to walk the dog. When I told him of my puffy and goopy eyes, he offered to drive with me to the doctor's, thinking my vision was affected. Isn't that sweet!? It was not necessary, and I knew he had things he needed to do, so I told him I really appreciated his offer, but it wasn't necessary. He even asked me if I was being stubborn! No, I said... I ask for help if I need it. Just being realistic.

So the sicko saga continues, the new beau story also continues, and just for your enjoyment, here is Lila hogging the dog's new blanket...

And Lila looking rather legless...


  1. Hate to hear you're poorly so,
    But good you've got a darling Beau!

    (Lila & Zoe look like a couple who've had a row and are not on speaking terms!)

    Feel good soon! :¬)


  2. Map: Oh look! You're a poet!!! Thanks, hon. xoxo

    Zoƫ was quite perturbed when Lila started burrowing into the blanket but finally found a corner to lay on. They really do love each other... Lila is cleaning the dog's face as I type this. ;-)

  3. This bout of yuckiness is really persistent!

    Lila doing her thing!

  4. Good you have some meds now! I completely adore the photo of Lila in the dog's blanket. I would love to see one of mine doing that although right now Tasha will go near the dog, but not that close.

  5. Fantastic fotos! Sometimes, a good nap is all one needs!

    Get well soon! Eat some chicken soup!

  6. Not too far south of you, I, too, am ill. Sounds like you've got head and I've got stomach problems.

    The cats are glad I've not gone to work today. :-)


  7. Sounds like he's one of the good guys. Hope you perk up soon. Take care.


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