Saturday, 14 August 2010

Holy freight train, Batman!

So much for that....

I had to apply the brakes and jump off the runaway train...

Zooming along at the speed of light within three dates is not my idea of how things should be. It takes two to tango, honey, and I think we were listening to completely different tunes.

There were other things I discovered as well, that contributed to the disembarkment.

Suffice to say, I am back casting my lure in the pond once again.

With eyes wide open.


  1. Now, now... you can't leave the rest of us hanging like that! :D Spill, cupcake - we want to know just how kinky he wanted you to be!! ;^)

  2. Helga: No kink involved; in fact, just not good at all! Plus, he's talking living together and spending all our spare time together... and we don't even know each other! And a few other mundane things that were deal breakers...

  3. Ah... instant cling-on, eh? Ditch, ditch, ditch!

  4. yikes, yikes, yikes! better to find out early, right? *sigh* xoxoxo

  5. In my head I just heard a deep voice yelling, "Abort! Abort!"

    Close is nice....but not too close, too fast.

    Don't give up...HE is out there somewhere. [And he's not a potential stalker]. ;)

  6. Oh yes, I've been there. At least you heard the alarm bells in time! :¬0


  7. Helga: Yes, a major cling-on!

    Savannah: I've learned what to look for... *sigh* xoxoxo

    Hope: It was too close, too fast, and just not right! I won't give up... I am terminally optimistic. ;-)

    XL: Dating: The musical??? :-)

    UB: Onwards and upwards...

    Map: They were loud and clear by the time Friday's date was nearing an end. xoxoxo

  8. Goodness me, you had a lucky escape before it took the wrong tracks.


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