Sunday, 8 August 2010

Gasping for air

So I know at least one of my followers (winks at Map) has been asking me where the hell I have been and what have I been doing... so here it is:

Working. You know I work, right? And that I have been picking up a bit of overtime here and there to make ends meet. This past week, I did two 12 hour shifts and three 8 hour shifts. Today is my one day off. Tomorrow and Tuesday, I work 12 hour shifts, then an 8 on Wed and THEN!!!!!! I actually have four days off in a row! w00t!

Laundry. Dishes. Vacuuming. House work. With one day weekends, there never seems to be enough time to get all these chores done! Why, oh why, do houses not come with a 'self-clean' feature like ovens???? It would make life sooooo much easier and less stressful (not to mention less cluttered...)!

Walking. As in the dog. Because she needs it. And so do I, in reality. It is pretty much the only exercise I get, outside of running my feet off my legs at work. And because of that, I really don't want to do more than that for exercise because my legs are tired and my feet hurt when I get home from work. But it is a brisk walk, so it must do some good.... right?

Talking. As in on the phone. Because I have been in contact with a new man. Not from that eHarmony site, where I have paid good money and had one 'meet and greet' who since has completely ignored me, but from good old Plenty of Fish, the murky dating pond that contains so many sharks, minnows and bottom feeders. Because of said work schedule (see above) we have not yet met face to face but the phone calls have been lengthy and full of fun talk, information and general getting to know you stuff. This evening may be the chance to meet. Alas, he always works Sundays, and that is the one day a week I am guaranteed off. Just exactly who is it that decides to complicate my life like this???

This afternoon I have a double baby shower to attend. Two of the girls I work with had babies within a month of each other so a bunch of us are getting together with them. So, along with all the house work I have to cram in to the day, I have a cake to bake and that shower to attend at 2 p.m. It's 9:30 a.m. now... I'd best get my butt in gear and start hustling!!!!

*vanishes in a cloud of kitty fluff and dust bunnies*


  1. If not a self-clean house, how about house-cleaning kitties? (Zoƫ supervises)

  2. With all of the working you do I'm surprised there's housework (other than laundry). Being me, I'd have a tendency to kick hairballs and dust bunnies under the bed and fuggedaboutit.

    I am simply amazed (and in awe) of how you nurses manage to run for 12 hours (or more) for several days straight. That is true dedication.

  3. Really, that is one hell of a schedule. Miss P, you have set the bar. While I'm not exactly eating bonbons and watching the "stories" on tv, I'm nowhere near as energetic!


  4. I love this: "Plenty of Fish, the murky dating pond that contains so many sharks, minnows and bottom feeders."

  5. You're more energetic than I am, but I still still seem to have no time for anything fun. Good luck with the Plenty of Fish site - tremendous name!

  6. Hope you have a single day for doing just fun things for you in your upcoming 4 day weekend.

  7. Good gods, I don't know how you manage it. I get teary if I have to go out for some occasion during a week off work.

    Snaps to you!


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