Friday, 28 May 2010

To the rescue...

Zoë would not pee in the yard this morning when I got up. It was raining... She doesn't like the rain. And it was not a light rain, but a solid, steady downpour. She was not a happy camper.

I even tried going out with her, under my little blue umbrella, to be the cheering section... encouragement sometimes works but alas, not today.

So back in the house we went, where she munched her kibble while I got dressed. Then we had to go for a walk.
She hasn't figure out yet (in her seven years) that going for a walk in the rain means you get much wetter than if you dash out into the yard, do your thing and dash back into the house. Noooooo, she's just not that bright.

So off we went, me in my raincoat (hood up) and rubber boots, and her in nothing but a collar and leash.... her having to stop and shake off the rain every 15 feet or so.

She did her thing eventually and as we were rounding the corner to head back to the house, we stopped dead... looking at a fledgling robin sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. It squawked and panicked and tried to fly up to the top of the 6 foot fence, but failed miserably. Mum and Dad Robin were in the tree above the fence, sounding the alarm as the dog and I slowly walked forward.

Baby decided to make a run for it and flapped and fluttered out into the street. Now the last thing I wanted to see was squished bird bits so I made the dog sit and stay (she's such a good girl!) while I hopped after Baby. After several attempts, I finally managed to scoop little bird up into my hands and carried it back to the fence, deftly avoiding the dive bombing of Mum and Dad as they screamed bloody murder at me. (From the racket, you'd think I was pulling the little wings off Baby with great glee...) I showed Baby the top of the fence and it promptly plummeted over the other side into the yard.

I think I did my good deed for the day! And I am so glad I have taught my dog to not chase wild life of any kind.


  1. Good girl! (I've done the saving small birds/animals thing in my time!) And good on Z for behaving at the right time! And all is well in the world again! :¬)


  2. Good going ... and your little dog, too! :)

  3. all things great and small! good on you, sugar! and z, too! xoxoxo

  4. Yay for you and Zoë caring about the wildlife!

  5. That's wonderful thing you and your dog have done.


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