Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sing Along Now...

I left my haaaaaaand..... in San Deeeee-aayyyyyyy-go...

Just kidding!!!!

I was going through some old photos yesterday and happened upon this one. When I lived in San Diego, California in the mid 90s, I had a San Diego Zoological Society membership. It included both the zoo and the Wild Animal Park.

I had the opportunity to go on a photo safari at the Wild Animal Park one summer. OMG! I loved it!

In the photo above, I am feeding some apples to Bertha, a very pregnant Black Rhino. Her belly was so big, it was almost on the ground. She didn't move too far away from the feed bin, I can tell you! She calved a couple of weeks after this photo was taken.

It was the most awesome experience and if anyone ever visits the San Diego area, spending the money for a photo safari is well worth it. You clamber into the back of a 5 ton truck (something even a pissed off rhino can't flip over) and drive through the almost 400 acre park, up close and personal with the different species of wildlife inhabiting the park.

Somewhere I have a photo of me feeding a carrot to a giraffe... from my mouth! His 18" long black tongue (go for it, Jimmy!) is wrapped around the carrot in the picture. Just to save some of you from throwing up... his tongue never touched me. :-)


  1. Great photo Ponita!

    Did you say never? Lemme see that pic.


  2. That is an awesome foto! Wow! You look amazing (and incredibly brave feeding that huge animal)!

    That is such an fantastic shot! It looks like you're in Africa. I can't believe they have that in San Diego. I just thought it was a big zoo, but that wildlife park rocks! If I ever make it to San Diego, I'm going to see that zoo and wildlife park!

  3. U: I'll see if I can locate that photo and I'll post it. ;-)

    Eros: Both the zoo and Wild Animal Park are totally awesome. Better give yourself two full days - one for each place!

    And thanks! ~blushes~

  4. What a horny looking female indeed. The Rhino's no bad either hen.

    I love the hair by the way...

  5. Jimmy: Yes,the both of us... but she obviously saw some action. :-P

    ~blushes again~ Thank you re: the hair. It's not that long now, but on its way. I spent a bit of time with it very short... I'm well on my way to the wild and woolly look again! Natural curls will do that... ;-)

  6. Did anyone ever tell you that you have the most beautiful eyes?

  7. You're so sweet, Jimmy! ~blushes furiously~

    I've been told they are intense... does that count?

  8. Great pix!

    Thanks for the tip about the photo safari, didn't know about that. Was last at the zoo and park about five years ago.

    There were some exotic birds in the park. Sound so much like Jurassic Park that I expected a velociraptor to leap out of the bushes!

  9. I was going to say something nice, but that feckin' Glasgae oaf has got in afore me again I see! What a charmer, eh?


  10. XL: Thanks! Next time you're in SD, book one - well worth the money. Not cheap but what an experience!!

    Yeah... I don't think I'd want to be anywhere near a velociraptor, thanks... =\

    Map: He's a quick one, he is...! But you can say whatever you like, no matter if you're before Jimmy or after. I'll always listen. :-) xoxo

  11. ...oh it counts hen, it counts. I was thinking maybe.. Sophia Loren.

  12. ...and don't be listening to that charming oirish singing fella by the way. I hear he has the terrible way with the sweet talk when it comes to the ladies.

  13. Jimmy: Sophia! Oh my! I've never been compared to the likes of gorgeous her before!!! ~turns scarlet, but with a shy, pleased smile~

    Is this a battle between the Irish and the Scotsman? As long as you both don kilts for the duel... ~wink, wink~

  14. Pon; I'm Irish, he's Scottish; the only battle would be over who's round it was! (It's your's Jimmy!)

    (And we would never fight over a Lady!)

    :¬) xxx

  15. So never mind the fighting then... I'll buy a few rounds if you both promise to wear your kilts. ;-) xoxoxo

  16. Now then my wee pal, is it not the holy land of Ireland that yours truly was born? Tis Roscommon I took my first breath, not the mighty Glesga. Right so..... a pint is it?

  17. Roscommon, (I remember now!) sweet divine Jesus!
    Now there's a place!
    Pint so!

    (These feckin' pleats are a hoor to iron!)


  18. Aye... they will be, especially being that short. Try not to come out in the cauld.


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