Sunday, 13 December 2009

Be the best YOU...

Be all you can be... but be YOU! The best YOU you can be...

It may take you to places you never thought possible, doing things you never thought possible.

Here is one little redhaired girlie's story.


  1. Oh Pon, ya know how to make a lad cry!

    How Fucking wonderful!

    Puts so much into perspective yeah?

    (Makes me miss Oscar, my Lab!)


  2. Map: It does put things into perspective, doesn't it??? It certainly made me tear up too, hon. xoxoxo

  3. Hi Ponita,

    Great story! Tells me that instead of trying to shape another, I should allow the gift and talent within them the freedom to be expressed.


  4. Hello U: That's the true message - It's letting the natural gift develop to its full potential. Inside each and every being is something that it so natural and effortless, but so many never discover what it is.

  5. What a great story--with a happy ending! That is one amazing dog--and remarkable caretaker who finally recognized that every dog is different, and each has a natural talent that needs to nourished and encouraged. That dog is helping out the community in a different but significant way.

  6. A nice little piece doll, touching and humbling all at the same time.

    I will however admit to being distracted at the end when a shapely female rear end was thrust into my face.

    You wouldn't want me to be perfect now hen, huh?

  7. @Jimmy; Trust you! You make me smile pal! :¬)

  8. Eros: Isn't it, though?!!

    Jimmy: You are perfect just the way you are. ;-)

    Map: He's reliable as clockwork, isn't he.... :-)

  9. I wonder whether I can apply this story to my childrearing principles. I say, yes.

  10. what a fantastic story, sugar! xoxoxox

  11. I'm not sure I'll ever be "comin' back"...but, if I do...comin' back as a rescue dawg (or a surfin' dawg) would suit me jut fine.

  12. I'd like to come back as Map's wallet. Warm, secure, and firmly housed in the deepest recesses beneath his mattress.

    On weekends I'd like to be Pony-dolls bra. Explanation not required I'm sure.

  13. Leah: I'm sure it would work with humans too. :-)

    Savannah: Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it? xoxo

    Jonas: Yup, sounds good!

    Jimmy: Map's wallet... never mind his mattress... you'd be cheek to cheek! :-P

    Why just on weekends? It's a fulltime job, you know. The girls need plenty of support. ;-)

  14. In my next life I may be a salty dog.

  15. I briefly thought you were talking about me, being little red haired gal. Oh well, cute dog anyway :)


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